Time is a scarce resource because one can’t stop using it, nor one can utilize more of it. For busy or working parents, managing kids activities is a challenging task. Everything works on the needle of the clock. You have to keep a balance between work life and house in a way that neither of them gets ignored.

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Child’s multiple tasks include their homework, co-curricular activities, play dates, extra classes, etc. requires proper organization. Thus, you need to create a proper schedule for them, and time schedule apps offers a perfect solution is such situations.

With your busy schedule, you may have overlooked your child’s engrossment in mobile phones. And if you have ignored their device screen time, it may affect child’s development adversely.

So, how will you keep tabs on your teen’s excessive screen time? Let us find out. 

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Time Schedule App – A Need For Busy Parents

It is an application that allows parents to organize specific kids hours for each activity. Setting the start and end time will define boundaries of using multiple apps.

Benefits availed from this application provides deep insights. Take a look.

Reasons For Downloading Time Schedule App:

  • Your physical presence isn’t required to check your kid’s usage on the internet.
  • You can set the bed-time in child’s device which reminds them to hit the sack and leave a gadget outside the bedroom.
  • Excessive hours spent on mobile screens can be reduced.
  • Children are saved from vulnerable eye diseases like myopia, headache from eye strain, blindness, dry eyes, and many more.
  • You can restrict teen’s addiction to games or social media sites by fixing predefined hours on such applications.

Now. let us talk about the know-how of the best Time Schedule Apps to manage child’s work simultaneously.

7 Best Time Schedule App For Busy Parents (2019)

1. Bit Guardian Parental Control:

It is an Android software designed for busy parents enabling them to keep a close watch on their child’s digital lives.

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You may be unaware of your kid’s online world that includes harmful content, inappropriate applications, improper games, cyber stalkers, and other threats. Here, Bit Guardian Parental Control comes in rescue.

The application offers various advantages that protect kids from the dark side of cybernet.

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  • Time Schedule: It sets curfew hours for multiple apps. You can incorporate daily time limit in the grid and check the progress.

Bed-time feature automatically locks kid’s device when it is time to sleep.

  • App Blocker: It refrains children from using questionable or adult applications. You can block apps that are not healthy for kids of all ages.
  • GPS: You can track kids anywhere while they are traveling or enjoying a party at a friend’s place.

You can also keep a check on their driving manners.

  • Panic and SOS Alert: If your child faces an unforeseen situation, one-click can save their lives.The app sends you the precise location of your child to reach them quickly.

2. Todoist:

It is a task management and planner app that helps to maintain all activities of kids. Here, you can choose several templates to create a to-do list dashboard.

You have to add daily activities and set deadlines so as to avoid manual entries of each work every time.

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Different colors will define the progress of task completion.

3. MyLifeOrganised:

You can use this app to manage complete activities of children. You can easily drag and drop, flag, star, and plan tasks in an elegant interface of this application. You can divide bigger activities into a smaller one by assigning subtasks to inspire kids.

You can also set priorities and deadlines of work that requires immediate attention.

This app allows setting geo-based reminders that notify you whenever you reach the indicated location.

4. Trello:

It is a web application that works in collaboration with your family members. Create a list of jobs to be done by you, your spouse, or your kids. 

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Trello is a customizable app which can adapt, consolidate, and divide everybody’s activities accordingly. You can keep a record of each of the minute tasks at a single place, and the app will manage it for your family.

5. Timely:

Timely permits you to organize child’s tasks more efficiently. You have to estimate the hours needed to tackle all activities. You need to plan tasks for a week in advance to compare the predictions with reality.

This app applies the top-down approach to manage the work by comparing estimations. 

You can keep track of the week’s work and plan more efficiently. As you will set hourly targets, you will be held accountable to meet the deadline of child’s task.

6. Rescue Time:

It keeps a record of hours your kids spend online. It analyzes each application, favorite websites, and the amount of time children invest on digital platform.

It sends an alert when teens spend too much time on specific apps. It provides daily reports and highlights of hours a child spares on a particular web page.

Rescue Time helps to find new ways to organize your kids day and manage their online distractions properly.

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7. Workflow:

Workflow is a tailor-made app that eases daily tasks of children. It helps you to create shortcuts on your smartphone. You can create new apps with drag and drop commands. 

Here, you can boasts actions like asking Google Maps to follow the direction of your kids and notify you automatically. It works on IOS devices only.

While you are striving up in your career and wants your children to grow in the right direction, Time Schedule App comes handy. The software not only teaches time management but also helps to organize too many activities simultaneously.

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Make a smart choice of a single app with multiple functions like Bit Guardian Parental Control to safeguard child’s digital world.