Installing structures at entrances of buildings not only provide security but also display a sense of discipline. The entrance structures such as gates, doors or shutters are a must whether it be a residential building or an industrial one.

For all such needs, there is a reputed company which is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of gates, doors, and rolling shutters. They also take care of the installation. They are also noted in making quality custom precision metal parts and fabrications. They give their 100% to satisfy the customer’s quality requirements.


The company is renowned as the best rolling shutter manufacturers in Hyderabad. The different types of rolling shutter products that the company manufactures are as follows:

Aluminum Shutters –

  • These aluminum rolling shutters are made with quality aluminum material.
  • These shutters are ideal for all areas of your home, showrooms and also for offices.  
  • They are the most suitable and durable options for your buildings.
  • They can be custom-made and are also weather resistant.
  • They are also available in the double wall with and without insulation.
  • They are self-sufficient and can be operated by just a single push button.

Stainless Steel Shutters –

  • The stainless steel rolling shutter has a diverse range of applications than any other door.
  • They have very good corrosion, oxidation resistance and are flat roll formed with stainless steel lath.
  • The tracks are long-lasting and reliable since they are made of stainless steel.  
  • The pros of using the stainless steel shutters are that they are maintenance free, offer tamper proof and are wear resistance.

Galvalume Shutters –

  • The Galvalume rolling shutters are technologically advanced with Indian design.
  • The Galvalume material is solidified in 600-degree centigrade high temperature to resist corrosion factors.
  • They are ideally suited for most types of industrial and commercial applications.
  • The shutters offer excellent corrosion resistance because of the aluminum-zinc alloy coating.
  • These shutters also offer versatility, ease of use, aesthetics and long term performance. These characters make the specifiers, architects, consultants, contractor, and builders demand these gates.
  • The shutters also offer excellent counterbalance system for manual operation with a strong and durable spring.
  • Nylon belt is provided to prevent noise. Options for an easy manual and electrical operation are also provided.

Polycarbonate Shutters –

  • As the name suggests, the shutters are made of man-made polycarbonate.
  • The material is transparent and is very hard to break.
  • These polycarbonate transparent roller shutter doors are ideal for shops that to keep valuable goods on display, such as jewelers.
  • For premises that require a higher level of security, these shutters are a good choice.
  • These shutters offer heat insulation, weather resistance, UV protection, excellent visibility and are environment-friendly.

Galvanized Shutters

  • The galvanized rolling shutters are made up of galvanized iron sheet lathes and panels.
  • They offer high strength to weight ration and are cost effective.
  • They also offer excellent corrosion resistance and appealing aesthetics.

Fire Rated Shutters

  • These fire rated shutters protect wall openings from spread of fire.
  • These fire rated shutters are one of the best products in the portfolio of the best rolling shutter manufacturers in Hyderabad.
  • The shutters close automatically in the event of fire detection.
  • They are used to protect the property as well as humans in the event of a fire.
  • You can find these shutters mostly in warehouses, restaurants, canteens, hospitals, and industries.

Perforated Shutters

  • These are the shutters made up of perforated sheet.
  • The sheet metal is manually or mechanically stamped or punched to create a pattern of holes, slots or decorative shapes.
  • The shutters balance both security and display requirements.
  • They are best suitable for showrooms, offices, retail outlets, power generator rooms, and transformer rooms.

PVC Shutters

  • These rolling shutters are made up of PVS lathes or panels.
  • They add great aesthetic look with high security and are of low cost.

Apart from the above-discussed rolling shutters, the company is also well-known for the manufacturing of automatic barrier gate. These gates are used extensively in railway stations, hospitals, and malls. They are used to resist pedestrian access or vehicular access. You can avail these automatic barrier gates from the best manufacturers in Hyderabad. Any product you avail from these manufacturers is 100% reliable in terms of quality and durability.