These days, most Android smart phones have a nice camera with up to 12 megapixels coupled with many advanced features. When compared to the iPhone, it’s definitely the better unit to have since it’s open source and can be easily tweaked to satisfy any user.

Still, when it comes to getting the best quality photos, it all comes down to the best camera app for Android. Given the number of different apps on the Google Play store, it makes sense that there would be plenty of options for camera apps. The following are the 10 best Android camera app choices on the market.

HDR Camera

With a simple enough title, this app is among the best that the Google Play store has to offer. The program offers numerous options that let users capture dynamic photos regardless of ambient light. Photos taken during the daytime will have crisp details and deep shadows. However, it will take a little time to get used to the options to avoid cartoonish-looking photos.

In addition, the application uses algorithms to combat shaky hands. It is also capable of capturing moving objects, so if you are in the market for an app to capture outdoor activities or sports, this is one of the best camera apps to pick. It is designed to transform any Android smartphone into the ultimate capturing device for any situation.


A heavy-duty app with a bit of a steep learning curve, this is another amazing application that is well worth the payoff. After you figure out what works for your shots, everything from that point on will simply be a cakewalk as far as taking photos is concerned.

Users are capable of adding additional scenery to photos, framing shots they have taken and using HDR, Retro or Lomo to apply filters to the photos after the fact. The only downside to this camera app, however, is the fact that it quickly chews up the battery life, so you will want to ensure that your phone is fully charged before starting your photo shoots.

Retro App

The Retro app by Urban is another one of the kings of Android camera apps out there. Turn your smartphone into a high-definition device with vintage charm as if you pulled it straight out of the hands of 1970s photographers. With this app, Mocospace can be used to make new friends nearby or around you. In Mocospace you will find Chat Rooms, Newsfeed etc. You can take the best snapshots using numerous techniques that give it a vintage feel.

Photaf Panorama Pro

Those who enjoy the idea of taking panoramic shots but aren’t quite sure how to go about it, this is definitely one of the best camera apps to give a try to make it happen. Photaf Panorama Pro helps users create 360-degree seamless panoramic shots with clarity that is sure to inspire. The reason this works out so well is due to the orientation sensor, which dictates the angle of the shot, making the overall picture look professional with great quality.


Pro HDR is another one that can be called the best camera app for Android. Why have a smartphone when you could have a nice professional DSLR? With Pro HDR, one of the finest apps to hit the Google Play market, you can do just that, simply tapping your device to create a full-size image with great clarity and quality. Forget the bulky devices of old and stick with Pro HDR instead.


Combining the best elements of a DSLR quality and the element of ease of use that a point and shoot offers brings the AfterFocus application. With this app, all you need to bring is your phone to have the chance to take some of the best quality images you will ever see made on a smartphone.


Created by SK Communications, this next program offers a new and great way to take a good photo of yourself or a similar portrait. This is the sole reason that this application was created, and with that focus comes a job well done. It is a free program that only takes a few seconds to install and a few seconds to learn how to take a good, professional photograph.


Though it has a bit of an odd name, this software developed by KTH is considered to be among the best of all choices found on the Google Play market. This software is designed to enhance existing shots and turns all of them into a pudding shot, which is a single memorable photo much like a college for the ultimate presentation. Though it does not have all of the same advanced mechanics that other features on this list have, it more than makes up for the shortcomings it has.


For those who truly enjoy turning photos into vignette style ones, then why not just opt for Vignette and have it done in the first place? There are over 50 frames and over 70 different effects that can be customized as a part of Vignette’s arsenal, making it very easy to create a vintage shot with just one tap. It is also a fully featured app that will take advantage of the built-in unit using several features like digital zoom, a timer and even the rule of thirds. For more updates you can visit Today’s Business World.


Finally, there is the ZOOM FX Anilinkz website shows a list of popular movies one can found application that comes with a wide range of enhancement and control tools. This is a fan favorite among both casual and professional photographers, proving it is worth a look.