Pests are present all over the world. Where ever the human beings are present the pesticides are present. Question is raised why the human presence insures the presence and reproduction of pests? The answer is so simple. Pest and insects are insufficient to get their food personally they need to rely on the human leftovers which can include anything. Like our food leftovers or any other stains. No doubt that the pests played very important role in our life cycle. The importance of pests are showed by the quote of the Einstein “If you kill all the bees from world exactly After 4 years there will be no man left on the earth”. But ultimately it is not acceptable for any civilized person that in his place pests are surrounding here and there.

Besides the importance you need to take them out of the place of residence because they also cause threaten to you and your house. Your need Pest Control Service Dubai to eliminate this threat from your house and keep your house clean.  

Common pests infestation:

In Dubai according to weather and the climate some of the dangerous pest may be present around you like House Flies, Mosquitoes, Bugs, Snakes, etc. Let us talk about them briefly.

House Flies:

House flies are very common pests they can present all over the world in good weather like the temperature must be less the 10OC and Greater than 26 OC. Mostly in Dubai months of November to February these conditions are found that means it will be the ideal time for the infestation and reproduction of house flies. They don’t seem to be dangerous but they are very dangerous as they are the carriers of germs and bacteria’s.

Moreover they can disturb your house as they are usually very teasing. To remove them you need to call us. We use health friendly sprays and other measures not only to kill the infiltrated insects but also stops the more infestations in your house and ensure your flies’ free life.


Mosquitoes are one the most teasing and also dangerous insects present in your area. They are the main cause of Malaria, and in recent day’s dengue fever which can cause very fatal and disastrous impacts on the society. Especially they can able to attack on kids which immune system is not able sustain the impacts of these desies germs for them we have special pest control sprays that are absolutely not hazardous for health and non-toxic. We also very well aware about your family health concerns and we also cares for your kids.    

Bed Bugs:

Bed Bugs are the types of insects that resides inside your beds, Sofa’s and carpets and suck your blood as their intake. Another dangerous and hazardous property of the bed bugs are that they reproduce rabidly and if they are 100 in your house on Monday they will be 1000 on Tuesday and unfortunately you cannot able to stop them because it is impossible to see them with naked eyes.

When you came to know it would be out of your control but don’t worry PEST CONTROL DUBAI is on the shore to help you in this regards. We not only kill the bed bugs but also clean your area and specified your place that they not may infest your place in near future.


Snakes in the soil of Dubai is just like a night mare. 100’s of types of snakes are present in the soil of Dubai. They can infest any place.  Actually the hot and sandy environment of Dubai pushes these reptiles out of their holes and due to reside able environment present inside the homes or offices of the common man they start residing inside the hidden places like behind the fridge or beneath the kitchen shelves. They can left any hazards with you and your family. To ensure you and your family you must need to take them out of your house plus it is also very important that they may not come again inside your place. So for this you need to call a professional snake catcher present in Pest control Services.