If resolving conflicts and handling problems in various areas of human life like society, politics, human rights, business, and environmental interests you, pursuing a career in law is maybe something you can fit yourself perfectly in.

Studying law can sure help you in gaining a broad range of professional skills and knowledge about political systems, legal matters, case studies, business policies, and a clear understanding of social ethics and morality.

Studying Law in the prestigious law colleges of Ireland can sure give you an edge over other students as Ireland homes the best law schools in the world. Law degrees achieved from the Irish Universities are globally reputed for gaining legal skills and excellence.

Perks of Studying Law

  • Multitudes of career options,
  • Master critical thinking, persuasive reasoning, and analytical skills
  • A strong foundation for further / combined academic studies.
  • Financial stability
  • The power to make a difference through law
  • Awareness of rights & responsibilities
  • Respect & Prestige
  • An intellectual challenge
  • Development of self-confidence
  • Better communication skills & highly adaptability towards several career transitions.

Cons of Studying Law

As we all know, Law is a pretty tricky course to handle, and it is no less than a nightmare for the students. Here’s a list of the problem that the students face while studying law.

The difficulty level of the subject: Law is considered to be the second most challenging subject after medical science, so we can clearly understand that students sure would have a hard time dealing with the subject.

To study law is no easy thing and to cope up with the subject, it is compulsory for the students to give an ample amount of time to the subject. Law is a total theoretical subject, and there is no scope of any practical stuff, this makes it more difficult and tedious for the students.

Way Too Lengthy: As we know, the law is a purely theoretical subject, so this makes it a lengthy one too. It is necessary for the students to always have proper notes of their subjects or else they might have a tough time during the exams.
Additionally, because the length of the subject is too high the students can never think of skipping their lectures, it is mandatory for them to attend all the classes in order to stay focused and also to stay updated with what’s happening around so that they don’t mess up with the things at the end moment.

Assignment Issues: Since the law is a pretty theoretical subject, the students are always asked to write many assignments for various parts of the subject. Since the number of assignments is always high, it gets super tricky for the students to manage their academics and assignment writing activity at the same time; therefore this makes them look for several Law Assignment Help Services in Ireland.

Availing Ireland Assignment Help for Law assignments highly help the students in submitting some flawless assignments which make them achieve some excellent marks and also helps hem in soaring high on success.

These were some pros and cons of studying law now in the next segment of the article we’ll take around the top 5 law universities of Ireland.

Top 5 law universities of Ireland

University College Dublin

The Sutherland School of Law, situated in the University of Dublin, is believed to be one of the oldest law schools in Ireland. The law school aims to develop interdisciplinary knowledge, and critical thinking in the students and the courses offered by them are ranked in the world top 100.

Law Course Offered: Undergraduate: LLB, Business and Law, Law with Economics, Law with Politics, Law with Social Justice.

Postgraduate Courses: LLM Law, LLM International Commercial Law, LLM International Human Rights.

Trinity College Dublin

The Trinity School of Law is one of the oldest law schools in Ireland and is also ranked in the world’s top 100 law schools consistently. It has a high global reputation, and its alumni consist of prolific lawyers, chief justices and judges. It is by far the best institution to study law both for the native and international students.

Courses Offered at Trinity

Undergraduate Courses: LLB, LLB (Pol Science), LLB (Law and Business)

Postgraduate Courses: LLM

National University of Ireland, Galway

This school of Law offers several undergraduate and postgraduate law courses and many opportunities for clinical legal education. This institution is also known for its innovative legal education and high-quality legal research.

Law courses offered at NUI, Galway

Undergraduate Courses- LLB, Law in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Civil Law, Bachelor of Corporate Law

Postgraduate Courses Offered- LM International and Comparative Business Law, LLM Criminal Law, LLM Human Rights

University College Cork

Achieving a Law degree from UCC permits students the flexibility to choose from specialized modules to fit the requirements of a diverse range of students. The best part of studying in UCC is that the students get the opportunity to combine undergraduate and postgraduate modules and to work or study abroad for a year.

The institution offers seven undergraduate programs in law and PG degrees in business law, marine and maritime law, children and family law among others.

Law Courses offered at UCC.

Undergraduate Courses- Law Clinical (BCL Hons.), Law International (BC Hons.), Law and Business (BCL Hons)

Postgraduate Courses Offered: LLM Marine, and Maritime Law, LLM International Human Rights and Public Policy, LLM Intellectual Property, and E-Law, LLM Environment and Natural Resource Law, LM Business Law.

Dublin City University

It is believed that the school of law publishes the best journals in law at Dublin City University. The law school produces some cutting-edge programs in coordination with government agencies, professional bodies, and public institutions. This law institution primarily focuses on research and policy development.

Law Courses offered at DCU.

Undergraduate Courses: LLB, Bachelor of Civil Law, Bachelor of Corporate Law

Postgraduate Courses: LLM

These are the top five law universities located in Dublin, so, if you are looking for a destination from where you can earn your Law degree, Ireland is undoubtedly the best and has a worldwide recognition too.

So, pack your bags and enroll yourself in top shot law schools of Ireland.