The speed at which technology is changing can be daunting for businesses. It is seen most of times that as soon as a newer technology comes out in the market, it barely takes much time for the ongoing technologies to become redundant. The technology either becomes outdated, or a newer version pops up in the market or another product is launched to substitute it. At such circumstances, it can get challenging to keep up.

But to run businesses efficiently and effectively, it is important to keep up with the changing technology.

Let’s talk about technology and how it relates to reaping benefits of marketing, advertising and business growth.

For instance, a marketer who is constantly worried about how to drive business growth by making use the best of technology tools with the data driven market needs to be ingenious. Marketing teams at industries such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks or Nike are some of the world’s geniuses. The way their marketing campaigns blend with market practices along with insightful data driven from deep research is something worth commendable.

However, the web development and data science industry have got their roles to play especially in strategies used for marketing. Nonetheless, investing in data-driven web development campaign is a good way to start. Although data science professionals are being hunted down aggressively by companies these days, we will also find web developers with data science skills to be in-demand soon.

Driven by data science, web development is already undergoing a significant revolution. At the most, web developers could only create apps on the basis of surveys, focus groups, and random educated guesses regarding the needs of users. And this old way of working is just so biased that it does not include the inputs of statistical number of the users. With zettabytes of available data made by IoT things are taking a drastic turn today. No doubt, due to constant access of internet, it has caused an unprecedented wave of data to be generated that further needs to be turned into actionable insights. The data science industry is doing wonders and helping our organizations level up with their business strategy.

Revolution of data science in the web development industry

Automated Upgradation of Web Apps

Developers do not require to set updates manually. They can simply tap a consumer data that is produced digitally with the help of online social media platforms and forums. Then through machine learning, the data is analyzed and it is upgraded wherever required. As a result, data science can be used to discover insights about the users are interacting with the particular website. What do they like the most or what kind of modifications needed to be made, if required. Doing so helps analyzing the platforms and the consumer behavior.

Enhance Software Production

Earlier web developers create the landing page or website based on the client’s requirement or based on their creativity. Today, things have changed. Data science now helps developers and programmers choose their own menu or page layouts based on the competitor websites. The developer needs to evaluate these designs and create a unique website for the client.

Customization of Websites

Using AI powered tools, developers now find it much easier to give a personalized touch to their website. With the help of AI technology, users behave can also be tracked down based on the gender, age or location etc. an amazing fact is that, the likes and dislikes of the user can also be studied and analyzed.

Modernized Web Development Skillset

Since the data science industry is doing tremendous work, and owing to the demand web developers are now acquiring skills in data science. They’re also mastering tools such as Crazy Egg and Google Analytics. Most of the mundane jobs are being replaced by automated skill with the help of data science. Today, the need for web developers having data science skills is in-demand by the job market.

Web Apps as Virtual Assistants

Data science technology is used to build web apps and sites helping the app to remember the users’ preferences. Study of one’s lifestyle and usage of customers can also be done, having a web app such as these can become an ideal assistant for web developers.

These significant changes fueled by data science in the web development industry will cause a huge impact both for consumers and developers. The cookies that normally gets stored in the browser and the data that the user provides during the session is a direct hint about the preferences of the customers and the manner one acts with the app.