According to a scientific survey it proves that giving makes a person happier than spending on one’s own self and gifts are the best way to give back to someone. Gifts are the little token of appreciation and joy you give to your friends, family or any close person to make them feel good and to acknowledge their presence in your life. Gifts make this world a happy place but since every person is different and has different choices thus gifts are a very subjective topic. Some people may prefer practical gifts some prefer customised gifts hence knowing how to find the perfect gift for your close ones is an important thing.

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Finding the perfect gift is hard whether it’s for your parents on anniversary, your siblings and friends on their birthday, married sister for Rakhi or some creative gift for your boyfriend.  But by keeping the following tips in mind you can find the perfect gift for anyone.

How to find the perfect gift for anyone?

1. Make a List of Their Interests and Look into Their Personality

Take a pen and paper and start penning down all the interests of your boyfriend. You can think of making a long and thoughtful list of all their likes and dislikes. Now do not jump into the shopping process before that review the list brainstorm if you had missed anything maybe a big part of their personality that just passed by. After finalising the list of their interests and their personality traits start thinking of gifts you can associate with that they can be small of big. For example if it’s Rakhi gift for your married sisters, think of what they may appreciate? Maybe a basket filled with chocolates and an Amazon Echo to help her manage her daily routine. If she has a funny bubbly personality and love comedies maybe you can add a few stand-up comedy DVDs or make a personalised jar filled with jokes and label it as “Joke when you are feeling low”. This will be a good framework for you to work on.

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2. Set a Budget

Think of your budget with an open mind without considering the misconception that only expensive gifts are the crown jewels of all. It is not true gifts that are done by yourself, are given with love and are thoughtful cheers everyone.  Set a budget for your personalized gifts and stick to it. In this way you will know what to shop for and from where to shop from.

3. Think Of The Past

Almost every day we meet the people we are close to and often they voice their wish of buying something or getting something if they had the chance. Make sure you listen to them and write them down whenever someone says anything like this it’ll give you a good start. But if you don’t remember anything then look into your past with the person dig out the special moments or some special specific phrases you use and utilize them in your gift. For example, if you and your boyfriend went out to watch a movie on your first date, had popcorn and he complimented your dress you can recreate the very moment for your anniversary or if it’s his birthday and he is obsessed with some TV show you can gift him a hamper filled with customised things of that show’s theme it will be a very creative gift for your boyfriend.

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4. Think of the Person’s Needs

Do not believe that the person does not need anything or what they need is not achievable. Think about the needs of the person and try building your gift ideas around it. A gift that is perfect is thoughtful, creative, fun and practical. Gift the person something which will be of his use and can make their life easier. For example, if you friend wants to be a writer but his/her busy does not allow her to have enough free time to think and write you can gift her a small holiday package to someplace near or a writing themed package. If your friend is a workaholic and does not take time out for herself, gift her a self-care package or maybe you can buy her a SPA and massage gift card with a custom named bathrobe.

5. Know the Art of Giving a Gift

Do not just hand-over the gift to the receiver rather make it an event. Make sure after buying the gift you do not just wrap it in a boring wrapping paper and hand it over to the person but make it an unforgettable experience for them. You can either hide the gift in her house and tell her to go on a scavenger hunt for the gifts, or you can make an advent calendar and gift it to her a week before with one big and a couple of small gifts. Giving a gift is not just about buying and presenting it to the person but about making them feel special and leaving an impact on them. For example, on Rakhi you can hide the gifts in a piñata shaped as a rakhi filled with sweets and small packages of gifts if she cannot visit you maybe you can deliver it to add an extra element of surprise it will make a beautiful rakhi gift for your married sister.

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6. Add a bit of Yourself

Add an element of yourself to personalize the gift for the giftee so whenever he/she uses it or think of it will remind them of you. Personalizing the gifts show that you care and are affectionate towards them enough to take out time to personalize the gift. Add in a handwritten note, or a self-knitted scarf, embroidered handkerchief with yours and theirs initials or some special date. Do anything like this to personalize the gift to make them feel special and exceptional.

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7. Try giving the Gifts that keep on Giving

Gift your close one’s things that will keep on giving but do not forget about their interests and personality. If they love coffee or tea and is adventurous buy them a weekly or monthly subscription of various flavours of coffee or tea that will be delivered to their doorstep. If they love candles buy them a subscription of weekly or monthly candle delivery service. This can be done with socks, stockings, accessories or books. Some places offer annual subscription too you can sign up for whatever fits your budget in this way your gift will not be a one-time thing but will be a new surprise every week or month. For example if your boyfriend loves coffee but want to try different flavours this will be the most creative gift for your boyfriend.

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Reviews and following the tips written above can help you in buying the perfect gift for you close ones without going through the anxiety and confusion.