Nowadays, various overseas students are looking to pursue their education in Australia instead of their home country. But they do not feel the urge to ask themselves or others about the importance of a training counsellor or their importance in preparing themselves for a prospering career. Non-native students generally whistle for suggestions from coaching mentors without gathering the insight of the functions they can perform. The resultant situation arises as no one has a step forward to explain you the same for your better career.

About Education Consultant

  • Individuals who possess immense insights on different training and vocational options
  • Individuals who extend useful suggestions by analysing the needs of the scholars and assist to tailor and build professional architecture
  • Individuals who are authorized to offer the precise training advices by the proficient corporations enclosed by the tutelage firm
  • Individuals who indulge in alternatives to increase the possibility of positive tutelage upshots to ascertain student glory

Functions Of Education Consultants

Education Consultants provide support to overseas scholars who desire to learn in foreign lands by bridging the gap involving learners and their target.

They uncover the ethnic contrast that an overseas pupil would look forward to and work them up for the encounter.

Owing to their immense bank of knowledge regarding career and education opportunities, they are able to understand the demands of the students.

They assist candidates in several real-time practices like saving funds, social exhibition arrangement to learn overseas tradition and introduce them to the non-native pupil lifestyle.

Role during adverse conditions

Various migration agents (Australia) can chop off the anxieties of guardians whose ward is learning overseas by being a helpline number under unfavorable circumstances related to medical, journey, etc.

They can guide the students to the correct path during academic adversaries like:

  • How to look for additional support when they are strining out in lecture momentum?
  • What to do when their admission gets hindered due to accidental reasons?
  • What methods an overseas learner is supposed to adhere to in case of an unfavorable circumstance that makes them to return to their native land temporarily?
  • What to do when a particular deadline has passed, e.g., during visa revival time or a module admission date.

Role in student visa Australia

Visa issues can give rise to adverse life circumstances if a student is not directed properly. It is a vital counselling role where the right immigration consultants (Australia) can assure that the learner life is free from any kind of problems.

They can help the students to:

  • Learn and help satisfy requirements for the acknowledgement of an effective scholar pass
  • Understand the situations placed on their entry permit and direct them to adhere to the norms in actively
  • Follow and surpass in interview based criteria such as Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE). A high touch in prepping for scholarly interview with institutions and homesteading administration will increase the courage of an overseas individual by manifolds and works in a long run in guaranteeing the pass for the candidate.
  • Make students fathom their responsibilities as a scholar permit bearer and guide them to live an overseas student life without having any spots in their livelihood history.
  • Assist them with handing over their scholar permits ashore by providing them exact suggestion.

A training counsellor can assist the candidates to manage accommodation, cope with cultural changes and help them increase their social network thereby removing their loneliness. In other words, they can behave as a caretaker and a companion by performing a plethora of duties to ensure them comfort.

Who is eligible to enroll in a Professional year program?

You can pursue PYP in Australia if:

• If you have acquired a degree of graduation in the domains such as engineering, accounting or computer science from an approved institution in Australia

• You must hold a subclass 485 visa in order to study PYP as this temporary visa lets you stay in this country for up to 18 months after completion of your studies

• You must satisfy the 485 visa conditions such as you must not exceed the age limit requirements i.e. 50 years and must also possess the relevant qualifications and skills as per the SOL (Skilled Occupation List)

• If you have acquired a graduation degree from a country other than Australia, you may also be eligible to apply for a professional year program in Australia. For this you must hold a subclass 476 visa.

How much does it cost?

The professional year program fees are decided by its certified providers. These institutions are able to provide you the more accurate information on the start date of course, fees structure, placements for internship and lot more. We recommend you to get in touch with all the providers in your area & request details to come up with best decision before enrolling.

In order to provide you with Professional Year program facility we have collaborated with several Migration Agent Perth that offer PY in engineering, accounting and IT. If you have any queries simply get in touch with us and our registered migration agents will respond to your queries as quickly as possible. We also provide professional year scholarship to the well performing candidates; if you are one of them then congrats you have reached at the right place!