The living room is a central part of every home. It is a place where you relax after a long day at work; cuddle up to enjoy a movie and the place for hosting get-togethers. However, in order to be able to unwind and enjoy the room completely, it has to look warm and inviting. A welcoming and cozy living room allows us to feel safe, happy and to de-stress.

Visual representation of the whole room, the choice, and arrangement of furniture, the combination of colors and textures, the variety of accessories – they are all aspects that affect how we perceive our living room. If chosen correctly, they can create a chic, cozy and inviting room, where everybody enjoys hanging out.

If you’re unsure about the best ways to make your living room more inviting, read on about the tips and tricks that can help you achieve the effect of warmth and coziness. 

Best ways to make your living room more inviting:

Choose overall colors wisely

Colors that work best for creating a warm and inviting living room are warm earth colors such as beiges, browns, deep reds, soft oranges, cream, dark mustard, and others. They are sure to make a living room feel cozy. Choosing overall colors includes the colors of the walls, where you can play with different colors and their combinations as well as wallpapers.

You can opt for an accent wall that will be completely different from the rest of the walls, making it stand out. You can also add some patterned wallpaper to some of the walls. The choice of furniture pieces is also important. They should complement the colors of the walls.

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It’s usually best to either accentuate the walls with bold colors and leave the furniture neutral or vice versa. You can also choose to make a statement with a unique, bold piece of furniture such as an armchair. 

Add an effective area rug

A fluffy faux fur area rug is definitely one of the best ways to create a warm living room. It adds to the coziness by being so soft both for our eyes and feet. Using an area rug adds a pop of color to a room and it also has the ability to completely transform a place. Area rugs come in many colors, patterns and sizes so make sure to find the one for your living room. When choosing an area rug, remember to search for the one that will fit in with the colors and furniture pieces in your living room.  

Acknowledge the importance of light and windows

The importance of natural light can never be emphasized too much. If you’re blessed with large luminous windows, you just need to learn how to treat them right. Hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains can make your living room feel larger and more spacious. Curtains and drapes come in many colors and sizes, so you can make your choice according to the rest of your living room.

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However, this covers the part of the general concordance of style and color in a room. You also need to think practically in order to make your home even warmer and inviting. You can achieve this easily by installing double roller blinds, which will protect your privacy thus making your home more intimate and cozy. 

Decorate walls with photos of dear people and artwork

Some of the details that make a home extra welcoming and warm are photos of our dear people on the walls. These photos reflect the warmth of family, friends and pets, displaying some great memories and happy times. When we pass by these photos, we’ll instantly be reminded of these special times we shared with our loved ones and they’ll act as mood boosters.

When other people enter your home, they’ll also get this feeling of a warm and cozy home. On the other hand, you can also decorate the walls by hanging some artwork. The artwork can add a pop of colour and it can reflect your own personal style. It can also make you feel inspired and more creative. 

There’s never too many throw pillows and soft blankets

Having extra fluffy, soft, plush, silk and pillows displaying a statement will make the sofa more comfortable, soft and inviting. It will also add to the overall feeling of the coziness in your living room, especially if you throw in some similarly textured throw blankets. They are practical, functional and appealing for our eyes. They simply encourage you to sit and relax. Usually, rooms that are designed in a similar tone, without any bold and popping elements can benefit from a few soft pillows in contrasting colors. 

Add life with greenery

Another way to make your living room more inviting is to add some plants and flowers. They will breathe in life to your room. Plus, they will be practical in terms of cleaning the air. You can use large potted green plants to fill some empty spaces in the corners, but you can also use some smaller plants and succulents and place them on shelves and coffee table or on some special plants stands or racks.

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Include scents and candles

The first thing you notice when you enter someone’s home is the scent. That’s why you need to make sure that your home has a really nice scent to it. There are so many options out there you can choose from, including some stick diffusers, electric air fresheners and all kinds of scent blasters, which will with the right scent, make your living room smell just about right. For extra coziness and warmth, you can throw in some scented candles all over your living room.  

Add texture to your living room

It orders to achieve this coziness, it’s important to mix and match different kinds of textures such as wood, wool, plush, faux fur and glass in your living room. When combined together, these different materials will make your room feel more inviting and warm.

If our living room suits our taste and it makes us want to stay there because we feel happy, relaxed and safe, then we have made the right design choices in terms of colors, furniture, curtains, rugs, artwork, and accessories.