The no make-up look is in these days and is gaining traction amongst the masses. People are going crazy over such look and are posting selfies and pictures on various social media channels promoting their no make-up look.

The no make-up looks showcase the real you and bring ahead your inner soul. And what else to go matching with it then the attractive and beautiful smile. It works as an accessory and adds beauty to your looks.

Likewise, your smile has a lot of advantages that you are unknown of and hence ignore your most beautiful asset – your smile. For instance, your smile can get you going amongst your peers, a smile makes you look confident, a smile enhances your beauty, a smile works as a link with your special someone and a smile is the best way to meet and greet people.

Now the question is are we doing enough to maintain our attractive and healthy smile?

Yes, you brush twice a day and also floss which keep your teeth clean and healthy. But is it enough? Are brushing and flossing solves all the purpose?

Your teeth do become healthy with a good oral hygiene routine but what if you have crooked teeth? Or what if your teeth are discolored?

There are a lot of cases where your beautiful smile can be perfected but the ignorance is what resist you to get it perfect.

The advancement in dentistry has opened up to various options which are now available to have a perfect glowing smile. It can get you the smile you desire.

A few treatment options available to enhance one’s smile are:

Whiter Teeth

Some people have discolored teeth since the very beginning and some get the same over a period of time due to smoking or having black coffee or tea or due to certain medications, they are taking. Whatever the case may be, one thing that is common in all is that teeth they are discolored. If this is the case, then we suggest you go for teeth whitening.

It is a procedure wherein your dentist will use the whitening solution for your teeth. He/she will have it in the tray which is then inserted to your teeth and is kept for a while. These trays are custom made for a particular set of teeth. The said treatment option is easy and painless and can be done in one sitting. After getting this treatment done, you need to maintain your oral hygiene with brushing twice a day and flossing every day.

Gaps and Cracks

If the concern is of a chipped, broken or cracked tooth, then your dentist might advise you to look for the option of bonding. The bonding material fill in the gaps created and can sometimes also work to fill smaller cavities if any. The dentist uses the etching solution followed by tooth-colored material to the surface where needed. The material is of the same color as your teeth to fulfill the aesthetic concerns. The good thing about bonding is that it can last for several years causing no damage to the teeth. the other added advantage to the same is that it can be done in a single office visit.

Change in Color & Shape

Veneers are a cosmetic dentistry treatment which helps to cover up the shape of a tooth and also the color to match it with the rest. These are the custom-made shells which are placed to the front of the teeth to improve the appearance of the front teeth. Made of porcelain it matches the color of the teeth and blends more naturally with other teeth. They are used to improve the appearance, cover-up the spaces between the front teeth, cover up the chipped and worn out teeth and also the slightly crooked teeth can be corrected with the help of the veneers.

To place the veneer, your dentist will first take an impression basis which the veneer will be cemented to your tooth followed by a beam of light which is placed to harden the veneer to the teeth. Since these take time to be created, hence, might take 2-3 dental visits.


If you want to reshape or change the length of your tooth or if one needs to change the gum shape, then you should consider contouring. People who have healthy bones can easily get this done. One should get this done by the experts as they are well-trained in this field and will help you in getting the desired results. It can even correct minor bite problems.

Crooked Teeth

A problem faced by many these days. Every other person who visits the clinic have one concern and that is they have crooked teeth. Besides the issue it causes in appearance, crooked teeth can also result in other issues such as improper nutrition, speech problems, an improper bite, etc. All these issues can easily be resolved with the help of braces. The braces are the metal wires which can deviate the teeth thus aligning them in their respective positions thereby solving the issues as stated above.

Missing Teeth

If you are one of them who are facing the problem of missing teeth, then Dental Implants are the ideal solution for you. These are metal screws which are surgically placed into your gum line thus making your tooth strong which will function exactly like your natural teeth thus improving the appearance of the teeth.

These cosmetic dentistry procedures as stated above helps in the smile makeover process and will improve the smile design thus enhancing your appearance and giving you that perfect smile you always wanted.