Who is HR?

‘HR’ the person who manages the human resource is the vital personnel to take care of the employees’ satisfaction in and toward the company, the employees being the valuable asset does the contribution in the company’s growth, their internal relation has a drastic effect on each of the company’s growth factors. Their retention is as important as their contribution, following the manual system to manage their routine or sensitive data tends to create chaos resulting in dissatisfaction and relinquish. A happy employee is the reason for the sustainable growth of the company. Starting from a small thing like accurate attendance, automated repetitive tasks, performance analysis, quick assistance, feasibility to access the data whenever they feel the need, having a mobile application for the same. Streamlining processes empowers the company to stand strong in the competition. Here are some of the simplified tasks narrating how an HR software can contribute to nurturing the internal employee relationships.

Simplifying Routine Tasks

Employees seem to be busy in their routine task, when managing manually, they tend to take up much time. This time consumption can be frustrating as they get less time to contribute to the task they are working. HR is always drowned in the monotonous work, it keeps them annoyed all the time, and in a situation like this, the interaction between the employee and HR can be intense at times. To eliminate the manual human resource management the company can adopt a comprehensive HR software, it not only speeds up the process but also free ups much time that both HR and employee can contribute in more productive work. The software also eliminates the vulnerability of human errors and time consumption in correcting those errors, advancements like integration give the employees surety that their payroll is error-free and more accurate than ever before and surprises the employee every month with on-time salary. The reduced burden keeps both of them free from the tedious task and provokes happiness which is must need to induce a willingness to contribute more in the growth of the organization.    

Authenticating Employees to have access to their Information

An employee can get over the evils like favoritism and favors as there is no transparency when the management is done manually, it causes the major dissatisfaction among the employees. Globally the employee quit their job due to this reason. When in an era where the competition is at its full, and the talent is scarce, the company can’t afford to lose its current employee. Taking care of their internal relations becomes the priority of the company, making the system transparent is a step toward perusing employee satisfaction. hr software gives the authority to the employee to drive their data. They can keep track of the current status of application they have placed, their attendance data, payslips, deductions and much more form their phone. They tend to develop a positive perspective toward the company and improvise the internal business relationship.

Ensuring of Monetary and Non monetary Benefits

Evaluating the employee based on their post is an unfair practice; instead, a company can evaluate them based on their performance and goal achievements, an employee has the potential to work as the team lead does. Understating their potential can be a loss for the company as they don’t feel recognized for the work they do, rewarding the employees or even giving them loud applause can make a difference. HR software gives the employer and manager comprehensive data about the employees’ performance their goals, their task reviews to define their KRA/KPI. The HR software also provides yearly performance data for giving them a wise appraisal. Forbes has mentioned about a global study that has stated that 79% of the employee quit their job due to lack of appreciation. Giving them their deserved appreciation develops a feeling of self-worth and satisfaction towards the company.     


Arrange parties and pot luck to increase the interaction among the employees, as when they work together or discuss over a task and comes up with the unique solution rather than working on the task alone. The employee may feel free to raise any queries or suggestion to the HR that can be of great help when implemented. Create a friendly atmosphere for the employees to make them feel like home.