If you are a recent graduate and are simply looking for a job, a new position where you can show you talent related to computer science, then sometimes it can be a bit challenging. But do not let it to intermediate you. Therefore, in addition to our interview preparation resources, we have therefore put together a list of the top 10 computer science interview questions and answers which will help you to join IT industries and will further help you to stand out against the competition.

Top 10 computer science interview questions and answers:

1. How would a people describe you?

This is one of the most common questions to answer which therefore allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition and share why one would be an asset to the company. One can then elaborate on these by adding his/her skills which will in future benefit the prospective organisation.

2. What is your salary expectation?

In this question, one have to answer what is appropriate without giving it any second thought. One thing to keep in mind is that does not hesitate while telling this and demand a salary which you do not worth.

3. Where is your put-up?

You should be very much honest while saying this answer. Because if you are staying far away from the workplace then you should convince them that you are going to reach office without any problem.

4. Where you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?

Here in this question, you can answer at the top of the company, meaning CEO of the company in the next upcoming 10 years.

5. Differentiate between C and C++

Though there’s no such answer to this, here the interviewer checks only the knowledge of these common programme languages to see whether you can compare and contrast them.

6. What do you mean by A Class?

A class is a characteristic of a certain type of objects which therefore defines what its member will remember, the respective messages to which they will respond and what form the responses will this take.

List of Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers For CSE Students To Join IT Industries
List of Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers For CSE Students To Join IT Industries

7. In C++, which is referring to as a constructor and a destructor?

In C++, a constructor and a destructor is nothing but a method which defines in a class which are involved automatically when an object is created or destroyed. So, they are used to initialize a newly allocated object.

8. What do you mean by Operating Overloading?

Operating Overloading is actually a process of and ability to redefine the way an object responds to a C++ operator symbol. Therefore, it would be done in the object’s class definition.

9. What do you mean by virtual destructor?

One of the simplest answers to this question is one that is declared with the virtual attribute. So if one destroys an object through a pointer and if the base-class destructor is not virtual, then the derived class destructions are not executed and thus the destruction might not be completed.

10. What is an object in C++?

In C++, an object is actually a package which contains related data and instructions. All these respective data therefore relates to what the object actually represents. While, the instructions define how this object relates to the other objects and itself.