MBA aspirants remain anxious on personal interview which is the final step to be admitted in an institute. Butterflies continue to tick in stomach till the candidate lands at institute and faces interview panel.

Base on trends and experiences of various MBA aspirants who cleared and cracked interview with a great successes.  Here are 10 top interview questions which may be asked during the forthcoming interviews.

10 Top Interview Questions and Answers For MBA Aspirants:

1. Explain us about you?

Number One that can be on the top of mind is that ‘explain us about you’. Well, this question looks easy but once you start speaking, you might fumble after two sentences hence, to answer this, let’s understand the nature of this question. Explaining over here is meant that to convey us on your personality and expose us to your frame of mind to us so that we can discuss with you more on those qualities which you are claiming to be unique within you. The candidates are advised to create the USPs of your own personality and pen down them to remember by heart so that if questioned like that, you might answer with full confidence.

2. Why you wish to go for MBA?

Number Two question can be that “Tell us, why you wish to go for MBA”? The aspirants should venture out here within the purview of question and explain their approach towards making a professional career which will be in the domain of management. Tell them stories of your known peers who excelled in those management areas which motivated you and you too wish to excel in life better than them. What makes you feel that you have that fire within you to learn more but yet remain curious to know more at campus? Explain with the help of story that what is that you would plan for future with MBA degree. What type of company you wish to join and what is that you will do to become employable for those companies who are demanding that candidate must be organizational fit.

3. Tell us about your leadership qualities?

Number Three question can be “Tell us about your leadership qualities” The candidates who aspire to be admitted in a MBA institute should come up with a story on some skills of leadership and explain to the admission panel. Leadership qualities can be nurtured and can be created in due course of time hence, it is a must for the aspirants to talk on some personal qualities and cook up story which should a genuine one like on sports or some gaming skill which you learnt and then you spread those skills within you friends who are feeling obliged you for a life.

4. Explain on your strengths and weaknesses?

Number Four question can be “Explain on your strengths and weaknesses” This question is very tricky in the sense that all success can be weaknesses and all those weaknesses can turn out to be strengths. It is up to you on how do you put up and present these stores in such a way that admission panel only takes cognizance of that but feels to probe you further on those areas. It would be better to conduct SWOT analysis on yourself and find out your areas of strength and weakness in a structured format then pen down these findings so that you can explain on an occasion like personal interview.

5. Why have you chosen certain program?

Number Five question can be “why have you chosen certain program”? The candidates are supposed to have clarity on applying for certain programs in a MBA Institute because it is a simple question that why have you chosen certain program? To answer this you need to be clear and explain as to what would you wish to achieve with this program and why you felt motivated for this?

6. What do you do when you face failures?

Number Six question can be “what do you do when you face failures”?  This question manifests inherent query that how do react and what is that you will do to face failures. It won’t harm you to explain failures of many scientists, writers and even different religious prophets who not only failed earlier but he were crucified for their new approach I the society but later we treat them as Gods.

Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers for MBA Aspirants
Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers for MBA Aspirants

7. What’s that you discuss with your parents in regard to your career?

Number Seven question can be “what’s that you discuss with your parents in regard to your career”? With this question admission panel wishes to know whether you discuss your career goals with your parents who gave you birth and made you able to face the world. How much you care for them? That’s where your answer should be focused for this question.

8. How do you see your future after five years?

Number Eight question can be “How do you see your future after five years”? Definitely you are not an astrologer to answer this question but with a view of your own vision about you only, you need to answer this question with gusto to make admission panel feel that you mean to wish like that to achieve success in life.

9. Tell us some unique stories about your peer group?

Number Nine question can be “Tell us some unique stories about your peer group” This question can be put up to know you interactive skills within your peer group. The candidates should come up with unique story like how your friend who joined Indian Army went on fighting at Border and before he sacrificed himself for the country, he applied all strategies and skills of infantry to kill enemy with very heavy fire.

10. How would you react if we tell you that you are rejected?

Number Ten question can be “How would you react if we tell you that you are rejected?” This question can be asked to give you a jolt purposefully to know your reaction. The best ever answer can be that since butterfly can’t fly aerodynamically but still she flies because she doesn’t know that and creates extra effort to push her against the wind to fly.Likewise I will walk extra mile to overcome my shortcomings and will come back to win u all.

The candidates are being advised here that all above are possible questions which might be put up and are only for the sake of practice on personal interview. The secret of all personal interviews is how you come up with stories which might motivate you to feel confident to face admission panel.