In this age of technology where Netflix and Amazon Prime are the new norms, Putlocker has served as the emergency door to entertainment for a lot of people. It was free, convenient and safe until it became a threat to the paid services.

It isn’t surprising to observe that people prefer to consume free content over paid ones if they are allowed to choose one over the other. After all, the idea of saving some bucks is tempting for everyone despite their social status and position in the economic hierarchy. Read below to find out more about Putlocker.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker originated from the UK at the beginning of this decade and soon became popular among the masses. At its peak popularity, it hosted almost 800,000 visitors per day without crashing and slowing down the streaming speed. 

The site was soon taken down by the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU)under the accusation of theft. But the site is still functional since the owners keep changing the URL to bypass the rules and regulations of the UK law. 

Even so, some people are still unable to access the free streaming website which prompts them to look for its alternatives. We have compiled a list of the top alternative sites for Putlocker below:

What are the list of the top alternative sites for Putlocker?

#1 123Movies

123moviesweb alternative similar sites to watch movies online

After the on and off shut down of Putlocker, there were only a few streaming sites that were able to come close to its standard and 123Movies is one of them. It not only provides a safe and convenient platform for you to get your entertainment fix but caters to the needs of its users as well. 

It has all the latest movies available on its catalog which you can enjoy without paying a single penny. You don’t even have to sign up for its services or newsletters to enjoy the streaming fun since it is the epitome of no strings attached.

Site url:

#2 SolarMovie

Best 10 Similar Alternative Websites Like Solarmovie

This SolarMovie website has the easiest and user-friendly interface that makes the aptest alternative for Putlocker. Browsing through its catalog is easy because of the predictive keyword integration.

Site url:

#3 Megashare

Megashare Online Streaming Site for watch movies

This streaming platform is clear in its intent and services as it provides exclusive movie catalogs for its users. The user interface is sharp and free of unnecessary clutter which makes it easy for visitors to maneuver around the site easily.

You can watch the movies in different playback quality depending on the speed of your internet. Unlike many other free streaming websites, Megashare offers the inclusion of subtitles in movies available on its catalog.

Site url:

#4 PopcornTime

PopcornTime Streaming Site for Watch Movies Online

This PopcornTime steaming site is more or less identical to some well-known paid streaming websites. The key feature that sets it apart from the other free streaming site is its “download” option. It allows you to download the latest movies on your computer and mobile and enjoy them even when you are offline.

Site url:

#5 Popcornflix

Popcornflix Online Streaming Site for Movies

Popcornflix is known for offering the best selection of classic and old movies for free without any sign-up. There are some new movies available online but the variety for classic movies is the highlight of this website.

The site is incredibly compatible with smartphones and other smart gadgets which means you can enjoy some movie time wherever you go.

Site url:

#6 Los Movies

Los Movies: Free Movies Online Streaming Site

Unlike most free streaming sites, Los Movies has a clean and clear interface that you can use without any decline in performance. The variety in the subtitles’ languages and font size is commendable and it lets you enjoy the latest movies and shows in HD quality at the expense of some ads.

You cannot use an ad blocker for this website as it blocks a built-in player on its page as well. The owners have used a clever way for you to watch the ads without skipping so they can earn some revenue from it.

Site Url:

#7 GoMovies

GoMovies: New Online Movie streaming site

This streaming service is similar to Putlocker in more ways than you can imagine. It offers you not only the opportunity to watch the latest movies but the latest TV shows as well and that also with subtitles and prime video quality.

The ads won’t leave you alone while using this streaming site so much so that their frequency will sour your mood immensely. But using some alternatives like VPN and Adblockers can diminish the effect of this problem for you.

Site Url:

#8 Rainierland

This may not be the best streaming website but it gets the job done when all hope is lost. Apart from getting the high quality streaming links for the latest movies, you can get to know the cast of your chosen movie through its information tab.

Rainierland Watch movies in online

If you want to enjoy uninterrupted streaming then use an Adblocker to block the endless ads it sends your way.

#9 Fmovies

FMovies: Watch Movies Online For Free

This website is more or less the same as the Putlocker because of its advanced user-interface. All the movies and shows are divided into different categories of genre and English alphabets. This makes it easy for the user to choose their next movie binge without wasting time browsing.

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Since the website is free, you’ll have to watch ads to make up for the free perks but that can also be avoided if you use AdBlockers. Moreover, VPN also facilitates uninterrupted streaming for this website and lessens the traffic on board by providing you with exclusive servers.

Site Url:

Wrapping Up:

If you want to stream movies and shows for free then make sure you are using user-friendly and safe streaming source otherwise you’ll have to bear grave security and financial consequences.