The job of a driver is usually for the less-educated people who are interested to make money while behind the wheel. Driver jobs in India or for that matter, any other country, are not limited to personal drivers or chauffeurs only. There are several organizations, Corporate, hotel and hospitality industries, big industrial companies, construction companies, petroleum companies etc. who are in the need for professional and experienced drivers.

How to join as a professional driver?

Of course, the basic that you need to know is to drive. You have to complete the learner’s license period before getting the permanent license. Remember, for commercial driving, you have to get a commercial license. To join an organization, a driver should minimum be a class 10 or class 12 pass out. Driver jobs in especially MNCs, tours and travel companies, hotels require the candidates to be able to converse in English and Hindi, besides the local language.

Types of driver jobs

In India, people are not keeping driver only for their personal home driving. Or driving jobs are not limited to taxi drivers for a private taxi service company. There are other options available too. If you are looking for a stable job with a good salary package, you should apply to driver jobs in a professional manner. Some options are as follows:

Partner with Ola or Uber driver:

This is one of the most lucrative options available. You should have your own commercial car (Yellow plate, 2010 model or above and in good condition). You should have a commercial driving license and police verification certificate and you should have an IOS or Android smartphone, which supports Ola or Uber partner application. When appearing for interview for driver jobs with Ola or Uber, you should have your vehicle documents ready with you like as Registration of certificate (RC), vehicle permit, insurance certificate and fitness certificate. In addition to your license, your other personal documents should also be provided like as Cancelled cheque or Bank passbook, Aadhar card. Minimum age requirement is 21 years, and of course you need to clear the background check. You don’t need any formal qualification but if you have studied at least till class 12, it will be helpful for you to run the app, to receive payments through apps and so on.

Bus and coach drivers:

Another option for driver jobs in India is to be bus or coach drivers. Bus drivers for public transport or school buses or coach drivers for tour operators or transport companies to drive around the city or outside for sight-seeing trips are in great demand. To get the position as a bus driver for a school or a coach driver for a tour operator, the applicant should possess a commercial driver’s license. A coach driver should be well-aware of the routes he is travelling as he is responsible to take the tourists to the desired destination. Hence, he should undergo training before joining. Usually, experienced drivers are wanted for such driver jobs.

Construction Industry Drivers:

Driver jobs for construction industry are also in demand. Such types of drivers are not the usual commercial drivers. Construction industry drivers are trained to operate heavy trucks, dump trucks, including heavy construction and machinery items like as backhoes, bulldozers, graders. They usually get trained on the job, and some others acquire training through a vocational school. With the growth of industries in our country, construction industry drivers are all the more necessary.

Heavy Tractor and Truck Drivers:

Major shipping companies, transport companies, freight trucking companies, movers and packers require heavy tractor and truck drivers to carry the products from one place to another. These products can be anything, from vehicles to vegetables to electronic items to household items and so on. Right from loading to unloading, these products needed to be transported and handled with great care. Driver jobs as heavy and tractor-trailer drivers are very much in need in India.

Ambulance driver:

Interested candidates can also look for driver jobs as ambulance drivers. They have to drive ambulance in emergency situations to carry injured, ill or recuperating people to and from residences, hospitals and other locations. At times, they also need to help the ward boys to carry patients on stretchers. This is a very responsible role because as an ambulance driver, you should be able to take the patient and reach the hospital on time.


Last but not the least, for driver jobs, join an MNC or any company as a chauffeur. Spend few hours of the workday driving, picking and dropping office employees or the boss or the clients.