1. How would you like to define digital marketing ?

Ans – The process of reaching out to customers and interacting with them on digital media that is through internet, email, mobiles or any internet enabled device is called digital marketing.

2. What are the ways you can categorize digital marketing?

Ans – There are two ways of categorizing digital marketing one is known as the inbound marketing where one take up the help of social media, webinars, e-books, newsletters to increase the number of clicks on the links and the other one is outbound marketing a marketing aspect that deals with reaching out to potential buyers through digital platforms, Calls, emails and placing advertisements.

3. Why is online marketing more preferred to offline one?

a. Online marketing allows you to have extraordinary lead generation inexpensively as compared to offline marketing.

b. You can reach a much larger audience base online.

c. It’s much easier to make corrections in live campaigns in online mode than the offline mode.

d. Everything can be easily measured and tracked using digital marketing and the performance can be easily evaluated.

4. What is meant  by the term responsive website ?

Ans – It is a site which is created by responsive web design, best features being fast and compatible with multiple devices and browsers.

5. What do you mean by AMP ?

Ans : AMP is abbreviated for accelerated mobile pages which was announced by google in October, 2015 and eventually rolled out in 2016. The algorithm allows you to load pages quickly on the mobile. Check out the best AMP WordPress Plugins for mobiles.

6. What is SEO? What do you mean by keyword and state its importance in SEO?

Ans – Search engine optimization is a technique in digital marketing which is used to increase the traffic quality through organic search engine results.

The digital marketing uses  keyword for user  convenience while are searching the internet to find some specific information on the search engine.

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Keywords are used for the better ranking of the website in SEO, they are important as their placement in the content will better improve the rankings in the search engines.

Top 10 Questions and Answers on Digital Marketing For Experienced People
Top 10 Questions and Answers on Digital Marketing For Experienced People

7. What are the different types of SEO Practices?

Ans –  The SEO practice can be broadly classified in two parts:

Whitehat SEO – Most legitimate practice to get higher rankings in the search engine results. They strictly follow the guidelines set by google for SEO.

Blackhat SEO – Illegitimate and against the guidelines which are provided by google. They are generally aimed at finding the loopholes and weakness in algorithms and utilizing them for the companies benefit.

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8. What do you mean by keyword streaming ?

Ans – This means analyzing the relevant keywords and choosing the best one for the content to get organic traffic.

9. What are some areas where keyword optimization is done ?

Ans- Website title, website URL, Meta tag, headlines, Web page content

10. Name some of the digital marketing tools .

Ans – Some tools are:

Keyword discovery, Rankwatch, Alexa ranking, Moz, Google analytics, Ahrefs, SEMRUSH, Wordtracker etc.