1. What do you mean by PHP?

PHP is actually a web language based on scripts which therefore allows developers to dynamically create the generated web pages. It is therefore an open source server side scripting language that is commonly used for the web applications.

2. Define Open Source Software

The respective software in which the source codes are freely used, modified, and is therefore shared by any one other is called the Open Source Software. Therefore, these can also be distributed under licences which are adhering with the Open Source Definition.

3. What do you mean by session and why we use it? Explain.

Generally session is a super global variable which thus preserves data across the subsequent pages. Therefore a session uniquely defines each one of the user with a different unique ID, so that it helps making a customized web application, where the user tracking ID is needed.

4. What do you mean by PDO classes?

A PDO or we further say PHP Data Objects therefore defines a lightweight, consistent interface for accessing all the databases in PHP. Thus, it is a data access abstract layer where the function to use queries and fetch data will be the same.

5. What do you mean by jQuery?

It is a fast, small as well as feature rich JAVAScript library That is therefore an easy-to-use API which thus makes things like HTML document traversal and also the manipulation, event handling, and many more.

Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers For The PHP Fresher’s
Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers For The PHP Fresher’s

6. Differentiate between Session and Cookie

One of the main differences in between a session and a cookie is that a sessions are always stored on the server of the user computer whereas Cookies cannot hold multiple variables. On the other hand session is mainly used for login and logout while cookie is used for activity tracking.

7. Define the prepared statements

A prepared statement is actually a feature which is used to execute the same SQL repeatedly. Even other than this, the prepared statements also consist of two stages: prepare and execute. Therefore it is very useful for the SQL injections just because the parameter values won’t alter the object of the statement.

8. What do you mean by Memcache?

It is actually a technology which caches object in memory in such a way that your web application can therefore get to them in a fast way. As a result, it is used by a site which includes Digg.com, Facebook.com and many more. All these are therefore recognised as an essential ingredient in scaling any kind of LAMP.

9. How can one check the value of a given variable in alphanumeric?

To check the value of a given variable in alphanumeric, one can thus use the dedication function, ctype_alnum just to check whether it is alphanumeric value or not.

10. What type of cryptographic extension provides generation and verification of digital signatures?

A PHP-Open SSL therefore provides one with a verification of digital signatures and generation.