Digital marketing is evolving every day with a rapid speed. The continuous changes in the Search engine algorithms reduce the importance of the traditional SEO. Every business wants to stay ahead of the race and want to keep their brand promoted in new ways every day. Utilizing animation is what can keep your brand ahead in the game. Here are the most promising marketing ways of animation you can use in your next digital marketing strategy:

Having an animated logo or brand is not something new. This trend has been introduced for a while now. The first time, animated logos were first introduced by Google in 2015. Since then, a new era of animation begins.

After that many companies like FedEx, Amazon, Uber, etc. have tried using video animation to make up good business logos. For instance, the use of a flying arrow in FedEx’s logo shows speed and movement. 

You can also do the same. You can express your business logo with different kinds of animations and it makes a good aspect of marketing strategy.

Social media advertisement

Human nature is attracted to visuals. It is true and it is proved many times medically and scientifically that visuals attract the human eye. This all proves the superiority of visuals over texts. Using video animated content for your brand marketing has two benefits: one that animation is cheap to create, and other is your ad won’t need expensive equipment, actors, backgrounds and all.

Demonstrate your business

A precise, beautiful and colorful animation video attracts more eyes than long written content. Make a colorful video and demonstrate about brand and services in a way that catches more attention. Animation simplifies complex topics in a beautiful way for the audience to understand.

Animated Videos on Landing Pages

Animated videos on the landing page improve conversion rates by 80%. But a video shouldn’t be something bore and dull but something very engaging, full of emotions, and appealing to the audience.  Create animated videos properly and trigger audience emotions. The animation is the best choice to show many different emotions at a time.

Precise and simple videos

Humans have a short tolerance level. They won’t watch long and complex videos of your brand for their interest. So make your video short and simple to make a good and effective impression over the audience.

Auto-play Features

Mostly news feed video is being watched without sound and is played automatically. This entire situation tells two things: First, your animation should be strong enough to deliver your brand message even without a voiceover. The voiceover isn’t important as it is only turned by the user when it seems interesting to them. Animation represents non-verbal conversation in an effective way. Secondly, your animation should be fascinating enough to grab audiences in the first few seconds of the video content.

Adapt your animation platform

You must keep the nature of the platform in your mind while making an animated video for the platform. As all the social media platforms have different criteria and target audience.