Nature gives us the gift of flower. Be it with all shades and sizes it attracts us. But there are some unusual flowers that increase curiosity in our mind. They bloom in particular spot and they look out of ordinary for its distinct shape and color. Here we will talk about the rarest flowers that are full with uniqueness for its strange shape and color. See to it right here under.

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1. Pitcher Plant

Pitcher plant is discovered in Philippines from great research. Pitcher plant is known for its uncommon shape. Pitcher plant is the mysterious plant in the earth. It has a colorful cupped leaf. Purple and green color pitcher plant is found in the jungle of various islands in Philippines. There are so many pitcher plants available in the island. The Attenborough’s plant has a distinct place for its beak-like lid. It allures insects so it is a dangerous plant to touch. It is very popular for its unthinkable shape in pitcher plants category.

2. Lady Slipper Orchid

Lady’s slipper is most commonly known as slipper orchid. It is known as a slipper plant for its flower blooms in slipper-shape. The flower has a slipper-shaped trap that is used for encourage insects for reproduction and to fertilize the flower. It is most weird and wonderful flower of Britain. It has a 50 species and blooms in various color. It is the most expensive flower in the endangered flowers list.

3. Raffesia Arnoldii

This flower blooms in a big and wide shape around three feet long. It carries a massive weight of fifteen pound and thereby recognized as the world’s largest bloom. This smells very bad like a rotting meat. But it is a dangerous flower to touch as it forces insects to visit and meet for reproduction. The leaves, stems and roots are invisible. It is mostly found in the jungle areas of Indonesia.

4. Parrot`s Beak

It is an annual flower from Canary Island famous for producing its parrot’s beak shaped flowers. It blooms in red, yellow and orange color. The perennial flower blooms in the late spring and early summer month. They are pollinated and fertile by bird and they are extremely rare in the wild. It is not harmful so it is used for hanging pots and to decorate the garden in spring and early summer months.

5. Jade vine

Jade wine is an emerald creeper famous for its spectacular for its hanging clusters. This tropical climber has a greenish-blue claw-shaped flower. Jade wine plants has a waxy green leaves. Jade wine is a most popular vines used for houseplant. Jade wine is a nice climber used to enhance the balcony garden. Clay pot and sunny temperature and water are the natural resources needs to grow it.

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