Website or mobile app? What is better for the e-Commerce business? Start-up: and confused between the two? Can a mobile app or website help an established firm?

These days, with the invasion of technology, people have started using the internet to do online shopping, making the transaction to placing orders.

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How can a website boom your business?

Websites allow you to to access the services or products without installing an application. It works like any other usual website. Yet, there are some sites that automatically adjusts with the additional features that are specifically designed for mobile solutions. It is always better if you hire web developers for your business.

What are the advantages of a website?

Features of SEO

A business can be boosted significantly by Google ranking. Developing a website platform will formulate the SEO strategies of your e-Commerce business. This is a significant way to promote your business these days.


It is less complicated to develop a website. These days, many businesses are outsourcing web developers from India, as they are cost-effective. They would be expert working with different projects.

What is the importance of web developers and How can they help in business?

A web developer is beneficial for both start-ups and an established firm. An astounding website will manage and develop an interface for you and your users. An engaging website can empower the users.

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How can a mobile app add wonders to your business?

Lately, mobile apps are really booming. The recent survey states that over 70% of users are using mobile phones to shop online. Hence, business owners are investing more on responsive mobile apps to retain and attract users.

A mobile app can be installed or downloaded in mobile phones usually via the Apple Store or Google Play. Mobile apps can also be accessed via the internet, which is then stored in the memory of the phone. There are many mobile apps developed that does not require an internet connection to perform the function as the information would be already stored in the application. Hire full-stack developers for your mobile applications.

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What are the advantages of a mobile app?

Accessibility without internet

There may be times when you cannot access your internet. As mentioned above, mobile apps can be operated without the internet. Hence, these features allow you to access the services or products without the internet. You can accomplish the minor task without the internet.

Specialized features

There are many applications that are integrated with hi-tech devices. For example, IoT (connects to smart devices that streamlines complicated tasks). Many companies hire mobile app developers to expand the capabilities of the devices and grow their sales. Camera devices, trackers, sale systems, radio frequency, and point systems are some of the ways that flourish the e-Commerce business.

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What is the importance of a mobile app developer? How can they benefit your business?

A mobile app developer will build a customizable mobile app that will be user-centric and easy to use. They would be updated with the latest trends and tools and therefore will develop a mobile app that can be navigated easily.


A responsive mobile app is a meaningful investment in the long run. It also gives assurance to your users that you are permanent. If you are scheming to launch your business via application or website, it is requisite to have the strategy so that your users have enriched the experience.

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These days, people find it quite feasible to carry mobile phones as it is handy and flexible. This is the reason why a mobile application has taken the globe by storm. It has been noted by Retail giants (Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, UrbanClap), that their sale has amassed 200% growth in the sales via mobile application. Now, there is no need for people to gas up & drive to the shop to get their shopping done. With online shopping, there is many conveniences in one’s life.

Following are the reason why people are more likely to use mobile apps over the website:-


Mobile applications are dedicated and make it much easier for the user to operate the way they want as compared to the website.

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Utilize the feature

Mobile applications adapt to the features of the mobile. This includes Bluetooth, camera, GPS, etc. With mobile phones taken the lead, the process is been made automatic. For example, payments and check-outs.

What you have to do is just simply scan your debit or credit cards with your mobile phone’s cameras instead of tapping the numbers. You can save the detailing of your credential. For example, your name, addresses, pin codes and many more.

There is an opportunity where the users can save the favorite product or services in the wishlist. The user can know about the offers via notifications. These days, e-Commerce applications are being integrated with wearable devices. This will surely make the website obsolete.

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Offline integrity

Even though the resources in the mobile application take the storage space, it is far more convenient because it can work without the internet.

Quick loading

This feature will surely attract visitors to be their loyal client. The user would feel free to work with your application as the process won’t be arduous like opening the browser, typing the URL’s and waiting for the loading of the page. With the mobile application, your user would have to just click the icons of the apps.

Easy navigation

It is very easy to navigate via mobile applications.


Have you ever thought of developing the clone-like UrbanClap, think of it!! it will surely expand the benefits that an application can provide. Here are a few tips that you should keep in your mind:-

  • Give relevant information.
  • Provide offers, discount, and rewards.
  • Use the mobile application as your marketing channel.

Final Note:

In conclusion, there is simply no doubt that mobile applications are evolving the e-Commerce store. Mobile applications are the best alternative to websites for all the business, and an e-commerce store is no exception.

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People in the past used the mobile application for gaming and other functions. Now with the mobile apps, one can book tickets, purchase gifts or reserve hotel. The trend of using mobile phones is increasing day by day. So, don’t take this mobile app development for granted.

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