Programmed in 2012 by Jordan Walke, who worked as an engineer with Facebook, React is the most sought-after front-end framework. Boasting of over 5,000 ready-to-use components, React has emerged as the most popular framework for creating a wide variety of web solutions by developers to match diverse business requirements.

As an open-source technology, React also enjoys massive community support and has been the most preferred choice among developers to create a variety of applications with top-notch features and advanced functionalities.

Now you may be thinking of what makes React so popular for web development?

Well, there are several reasons why React emerged as the most popular choice when it comes to the right framework for web development. Apart from the above-mentioned factors like open-source and vast community support, React also draws the attention of developers for letting them write code once and implement them to create apps on different platforms. Thanks to its components architecture for letting developers do so.

Code reusability factor is something that contributes a lot to increase the popularity of React among developers, as it reduces their efforts and thus minimizes the development time. Businesses, on the other hand, also get benefited of code reusability. Since it requires less development time, developers can easily concentrate on the main challenges of the project and can create the right strategies to overcome it.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best examples of React Web development to help you understand why React tops among the web development frameworks.

Top React Js Web Development Examples


While talking about some of the best examples of React web development, it’s good to start none other than Facebook who is a creator of this framework. When it comes to codebase, Facebook includes massive code boasting of more than 20,000 components. Python and PHP are major among vast tech stacks for Facebook.

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Apart from getting leveraged for the Facebook website, ReactJS is the core tech stack for some other popular Facebook products such as Instagram and Whatsapp. The component architecture of React makes it possible to display notification, fresh news post, comments, reactions, etc. even without reloading of the pages.

Yahoo Mail Service

Yahoo has gone through certain major changes, especially in its mail services after witnessing its contentious fading out popularity among users. Yahoo got revamped entirely by rewriting the architecture of its core services by leveraging Flux and ReactJS.

Apart from the growing community for ReactJS, this move of Yahoo was also fostered by several other reasons such as virtual DOM, One-Way Reactive Data Flow, Server-Side Rendering, and many more.


Instagram is another most popular React web development example. It used the very first version of ReactJS. The credit goes to this framework for letting the web version of Instagram enjoy having some great features, which are highly popular among users.

For instance, Geoshare enables users to view images on the world map in real-time. Some other features such as Localgram and Live Hashtag help users find images that get posted by others across any location.

New York Times

The New York Times also witnessed the power of ReactJS and adapted it to simplify the user experience. All credit goes to Rockwell and his team. The team now leverages a combination of GraphQL, Node, and ReactJS to provide a highly stable and robust front-end. The fact can’t be denied that ReactJS has restructured New York Times and made it more powerful.


As a reliable platform for payment, PayPal leaves no stone unturned to let users do payment hassle-free. It always keeps eyes on the latest technology stack and leverages the right one that ensures safety, fast payment process, etc. PayPal also witnessed the unmatched potential of ReactJS in redefining its operation and adopted it in 2015. At present, ReactJS is one of the tech stacks PayPal uses.


Above are some of the most common React web development examples. After going through these, you may have enough ideas about why React is considered as the best choice among developers and businesses for web app development. So, if you are also looking to create a web app, you can hire React Native developers from a reliable agency.