What is FedEx tracking?

FedEx is among the popular shipping companies that operate sin over 220 countries and territories satisfying the millions of customers across the world. Incorporating the express distribution concepts with the rapid trust and time centric deliveries, FedEx is the most trusted shipping service worldwide. The FedEx features exceptional air route services backed up with the cutting edge technologies.

The FedEx operates over 3.6 million shipments every business day. The FedEx’s international and intercontinental services benefit more than hundreds of cities and markets. It is also regarded as the largest express transportation body available with the super-fast reliable services.

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Every package has an allocated tracking number with a barcode associated to it. So, basically, this barcode when scanned gives the update of the package location. Wherever, the package moves from pickup to the drop location, the barcode on the package is scanned and the location of the package is automatically updated in the server.

Interestingly, this technical aspect doesn’t require the system to be specifically online, as the system can be updated both online and offline. It’s just the unique number that matters on the package to find its location. And, that’s how FedEx makes itself among the most Real Time Delivery Tracking Software.

The FedEx’s tracking services

FedEx offers GPS services as well as the general FedEx Tracking services on which majority of the customers rely on. The general tracking services rely on barcodes, a web interface that customers can access. Accessing these services, the customers can follow a package from scan point to scan point through tracking number, barcode or customer account number.

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Whereas, the FedEx GPS tracking technology is marketed as Sense Aware in the market, it is the service which is integrated with the GPS technology and a Web Platform. Since, this service sound sto be advanced one, this service offers the hi-tech protection to the packages before delivery. As the package arrives at a scan point, the device notes the package location, its temperature, and also the state of package (whether its opened or not). Any individual with the authorization can monitor the package’s travel from one scan point to other by just logging into the account registered on the SenseAware’s website.

However, FedEx doesn’t offer this GPS tracking service to all of its customers, but it is made available on a contract-only basis. FedEx’s representatives informed that this service is not restricted to only the large companies with the heavy amounts o shipping and receiving. Earlier, only the healthcare and life sciences industry could use the service, but since 2012 FedEx started oaring this service to all the industries.

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Besides using GPS technology or tracking the packages, FedEx helps the customers locate the package positions in the US through the mobile application made available or both Android and iOS users.

This app uses the smartphone’s GPS capabilities to the help the customers pinpoint the location of the package and then using this information the customers can get the nearest FedEx facilities, their contact information, working hours and the services offered.

Now, that you know about the FedEx’s tracking services, both general and GPS also their availability, and full-fledged capabilities. Let’s have a look at how the general tracking process usually works. Here is a brie guide to the general process of how the FedEx tracking works?

How FedEX tracking and delivering works?

Although we know that the package location is updated in the system at every scan point in the general tracking service and the package can be automatically found by entering the tracking number in GPS services, there is still more to know about the FedEx’s general package tracking and package delivering process.

Below is the step-by step process involved in general tracking and delivering process of the FedEx Company.

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  • Firstly, the shipper initiates the shipment by either dropping the package at FedEx location or by requesting a pickup from their location.
  • Now, the driver collects the shipment and the package collected is transported to the local service center, where the package is scanned and transferred to the regional sorting facility.
  • The initial segregation occurs at the regional facility, and if in case the destination location is less than 200 miles then the package is loaded onto a truck and is delivered at the destination sort facility, or else it gets put on a plane to Memphis.
  • If a package arrives in Memphis, it is unloaded, scanned, and transferred again onto a plane going to the destination sort facility.
  • Now, at the destination sort facility, the package is scanned and transferred to the local service center, from which it is loaded on a truck and delivered to the recipient’s door.

So, this was all about the FedEx’s general package tracking and delivery process, but this is only for the packages with the FedEx’s Express service. Ground process, SmartPost and Custom Critical are handled by the FedEx differently and most efficiently in its way.


No doubt, FedEx is the most considered real time package tracking and delivering solution, but there is another aspect FedEx is known for, it is its last mile delivery solution that is mostly included in the Ground service that don’t include package tracking and delivering by air.

FedEx is efficient in its end-to-end package tracking and delivering service and is considered to reliable and trustworthy across the globe.