Let’s go back to the time where Nintendo Power Glove and Sega 3D glasses were immensely popular games, probably the ever first virtual reality (VR) gaming gadgets to be made. This may be around back in 1994 when the term Virtual Reality first started to sprung up. Ever since then, industries have invested millions in developing gadgets aimed at enhancing the user gaming experience. Right after the launch of the Oculus rift that set off a VR frenzy in 2012, companies are putting in relentless efforts to develop exciting gaming content by the help of numerous gaming content writing services.

What is Oculus Quest?

Oculus Quest was launched for the same purpose by its parent company Facebook. Oculus Quest is meant for movie viewing and follows a stand-alone design. It allows its users to walk freely, as it comes with a set of dual hand controllers mottled with four wide-angle tracking cameras. The best thing about Oculus Quest is that it doesn’t require a pc or a phone to connect with. Possessing a minimalistic look, Oculus Quest offers a convenient tetherless design with exciting new features. Oculus Quest supports a variety of VR games such as rhythm game Beat Saber, Shooter Robo recall, and rock-climbing title the Climb.

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Oculus Quest VS Oculus Rift

Oculus Quest is a much cheaper option offering a variety of video-focused apps and games, as compared to Oculus Rift. In addition to this perk, quest also doesn’t require additional equipment purchases for enriching the gaming experience. Oculus Quest can easily be plugged into your desktops, allowing you to experience the same sort of gaming experience which Rift has to offer. Another plus point of Quest, is that it is bound to get Oculus Passthrough +, which allows you to see a three-dimensional effect of the outside world. This happens to be a massive improvement over the 2D view. Not only this, another feature that will come late this year, you will be able to activate it with pass-through “on-demand”.  Facebook is putting in tireless efforts to bring in more new features, games, and apps shortly. It will soon leave rift behind and will become a do it all VR headset.

Oculus Quest Battery pack

Oculus Quest offers a great battery life. It includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile chipset, which can support a 64GB or 128 GB of storage. The battery pack coming with a volume and a power button with a USB-C charging port last up to 2-3 hours. Unlike Oculus Rift, which isn’t portable, Oculus Quest can be moved around with ease. It is also convenient for users who have been using tethered VR for years and are tired of the long cable wires twisting around their feet. Oculus Quest is a VR system of the future. 

Performance of Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest stands out in performance in a variety of ways from other headsets. Unlike other VR headsets, that allows you to walk around the room to trace boundaries, with the quest you paint virtual lines across the floor and play within the limits you set yourself. By virtue of its dual cameras, mapping of your play space is made incredibly easy for you as well. The Quest is capable of theoretically remembering up to five spaces and can swap between them automatically, allowing you to move freely without disturbing the setup. Until now, Oculus offers a maximum of a play space of 25 to 25 feet, limiting more significant boundaries.

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Beat Saber on Oculus Quest

Beat Saber is one of the most widely played games on Oculus VR headsets. But what makes it so unique? Let’s find out. Launched in early May 2018, beat saber is a VR rhythm game. It allows users to slash specific beats of adrenaline-pumping music as the beats fly towards you. As exciting as it sounds, beat saber managed to gain massive popularity in very less time, mainly due to its amazing soundtrack and attractive graphics. Every beat indicates which saber you need to use and also the direction you need to match. The primary purpose of this game is to make users dance around to providing a complete workout. This game offers a fantastic experience as each level will reflect vibrant visuals with an enjoyable track.

What are the key features of the Oculus Quest?

• Gives an Amazing Experience

Beats saber tends to provide a feeling of satisfaction when gamers slash beat blocks with emergent perception of rhythm.

• Customized Levels

Beat saber is a combination of handcrafted levels and groovy soundtracks, meant to keep you off your feet at all times. The feeling that you get once you play this game is out of this world and can’t be compared to other games.

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 Ease of Access

Beat saber is exceptionally user-friendly. Even a kid can work its way around it. It provides its users with a simple flow of instruction method that can be hooked up in just a matter of seconds.

• Groovy Soundtrack

Beat saber offers a groovy soundtrack enabling users to have an enjoyable time. The experience that it offers will keep you hooked on it at all times.  It includes a list of all the latest songs from all your favorite artists, so; you get a mind-blowing experience no matter what.

Here is how you can install beat saber on oculus go:

1) Install an AlVR

To install beat saber on Oculus Quest, a user is required to install an AlVR app. It will allow its users to stream VR games on an Oculus Go headset, therefore install this app first and then move on to the next step.

2) Quit the Use of VR Beta

To get beat saber successfully installed, you will be required to discontinue the use of VR beta, which hinders your ability to use motion controllers.

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3) Hit the “No-Fail” button from Beat Saber Menu

Hitting the “no-fail” option from the beat saber menu will allow you to duck when obstacles come your way. This further decreases your chances of losing, making it possible for you to nail every level.

4) Select “One Saber” from Beat Saber Menu Bar

When you hit the “one saber” option, you can opt for one single motion controller if you are a single player.

Take Away:

If you are a VR gaming lover and can’t afford pricey headsets, then Oculus Quest is perfect for you. Not only, it’s a standalone device, but it also supports a variety of exciting apps and games providing you with an extraordinary experience.