Flowers have always been the kind of gift that suits every occasion and they are perfect for any individual. There are special occasions in which flower is a favorite gift. One of them is birthdays. We all have people in our lives that are special in different ways. Sending them birthday wish makes us happy to convey our good wishes to them. Here are 7 best kinds of flowers to send as a birthday gift to anyone.

7 Best Kinds of Flowers To Send As A Birthday Gift To Anyone

1. Lily Delight

Lilies are one of those flowers that reflect the best positive vibes through their existence. As birthdays are occasions where you send the happiness and prosperity message to the person, lilies are the perfect flower. You can send the exotic and pristine white lily bouquet to your beloved. Or you can use mix varieties of colorful lilies. If the person is close to you and you know her/his favorite color, then you can choose accordingly. Such a gift will be one of the best surprise gifts to your beloved on their special day.

2. Month-Specific Flowers


There are special florists who have made this choice of birthday flower easier as they have fixed flowers according to the birth months. People born in January and February are to receive carnations, violet, and iris accordingly as their perfect birthday gift. For March, bright yellow daffodils are perfect as the birthday gift. April and June are for Daisy, Sweet Pea, and Rose respectively. For the people who were born in July will perfect to receive Larkspur and Water-lily. August and September are ideal to gift gladiolas and aster as the birthday flowers to someone.  Varieties of orchids are the perfect birthday flowers for someone who is born in October. And the November and the December stands for Chrysanthemums and Hollies respectively.

3. Birth Flower

Birth flowers are as same as that of birthday month flowers. It associates to the person’s birthday and month to get the perfect matching floral birthday gift for them. If your wife’s birthday is in January, it is best to gift her/him a bouquet of colorful carnations to make her birthday perfect. If someone close to you is born in December, bring a bouquet of colorful narcissus for him/her as they are madly in love with themselves. Birth flowers are by far the best birthday gifts to send to your beloved to let them know how much you care for them.

4. A Mixed Bouquet

This birthday gift is perfect for someone who is in love with floral arrangements. There are people who do not have any specific flower as favorites. They love the very existence of flowers. So, this mixed bouquet of different varieties and colors of flowers will be the best birthday gift for them. You can use this mixed bouquets in a different purpose to send birthday gifts as well. When you are not sure about the favorite flower of the person whose birthday you are attending, the mixed bouquets work like magic. You can order flowers online to get such unique decoration gift.

5. Novel floral arrangement


Novel flower arrangements are the best birthday gifts for someone who likes flowers in different ways. A novel floral arrangement is a floral bouquet with dark deep color flowers and flowers that are not fresh at all. Usually, these floral arrangements are used for the topping of the cake decorations. The best way to decorate birthday cakes is to send a novel floral arrangement for the birthday person. It might look weird for people, but this floral birthday gift has a very deep meaning within it.

6. Roses 

Roses are the symbols of love in every way, every shape and for everyone. The colors of the roses send appropriate for the various kinds of love you are willing to express through them. Deeper reds are for the lustrous love and lust for someone. Red roses are the symbols of pure and eternal love. Pink roses are for someone who has just fallen in love or are having crush on someone. Yellow roses are for the birthday person with whom you share the best friendship bond. And white roses are for someone you respect from the core of your heart and admire.

7. Gladiolus


This flower is the best birthday gift to send to your beloved youth friend. This flower is a symbol of the affection that particularly youths feel about each other. As the name suggests, someone becomes glad about smiles once they receive this floral bouquet as a birthday gift. Even if you are growing old, such a flower as a birthday gift can cherish your fading youth time memories and make that person laugh their heart out once again. There are different colors of gladiolas that might match the personalities of your beloved.

Flowers are one of those gifts that reflect the purest feelings for everyone. Above are the best floral gifts that you can send to your beloved on their birthday.