What consumers are thinking about the product/service in real-time? Doesn’t an adept answer to this question remains the prime pursuit of your business irrespective of the niche it belongs to?

And indeed, the closer to the truth you can get to over this aspect strengthens the scope to serve customers better and retain them for the longest of phases.

But, then again what is the fittest way to gain such vital feedbacks? Well, this is the spectrum where the productivity of mystery shopping services stands as worthiest.

This definite market research technique, conducted by an external agency through experts adopting an anonymous identity, fetches for you optimally real outlooks of targeted shoppers and random customers about your brand as a whole.

Such data (points of satisfaction, expectations, opinions, complaints) are then processed into agile reports for you to interpret ‘what’s clicking’ and ‘what’s not’ and thereby endeavor to enhance mark of serviceability.

When done with precision and proper strategy-

  • Mystery shopping has proven to provide businesses with over a 10% ‘boost’ in their annual growth.

Nevertheless, the key aspect that comes up in here is that getting in touch with an actually champion mystery shopper service company, who will:

  • Understand your commercial goal and exactly desired outcome from the method
  • Be able to conduct the most progressive-standard surveys
  • Present to you the end-to-end of the present scenario in the target market
  • Stay as your accomplice of growth with custom-made and effectual solutions, and not just any other third-party service provider

A fantasy to reach one such? Not exactly when you move through the distinctive Q& A path mentioned in here-

5 Questions to Ask A Mystery Shopping Service

Does the House Possess Trained Mystery Shoppers?

In accordance to the pre-eminent mystery shopping firm Vision Call Services, a really knowledgeable and savvy team is the key factor that permits it to deliver the consistently up-scale result for each project.

Remember, it all comes down to the deftness and pragmatism of the professional mystery shopper for ensuring that the-

  • Optimum quotient of consumers’ subjective perspectives


  • At-depth analysis of their objective attitudes have been gained.

So, ask the establishment about the quality of accreditation its professionals preserve. Know whether they–

  • Possess certifications from industry veterans
  • Follow international standards pertaining to questionnaire devising and closing behavior scrutiny
  • Are savvy to ‘consume’ a maximally tech-attuned anonymous identity during surveys
  • Acquaint each up-to-date scoring scheme to in effect offer the most specific report
  • Have any previous experience in your niche and when no, are open for training

Is There A Project Manager for Overall Quality Assurance?

You are conducting this research with one definite motive in mind, correct? To ensure that it gets accomplished in the end, indispensable is that your research program is personalized to the optima.

And a firm retaining a veteran project manager is better to serve you to this end. The ace professional contributes own proficiency and practical know-how to ensure–

  • Your survey is perfectly aligned with long-term business strategy
  • You identify the exact criterion to focus over in the program and therein fulfill that primary motive
  • The questionnaire follows a universal pattern (but is not generic in texture) to be understandable by consumers of all cultures
  • Each question abides by your core commercial goal to receive insights easy for you to instantly enact upon
  • There are no lay-offs during the research, performance is getting periodically monitored and the program is being refined as and when required for perfection of output

Can Success Stories and Client Testimonials Be Viewed?

What if you are a fashion house and end up interacting with a mystery shopper service company, which has experience in serving businesses of the technical field only? A completely null-&-void situation for sure.

To avoid this agony, make it a point to request the agency to showcase records of its successful projects at your niche. Check the success ratio it possesses in comparison to the accomplishment at other niches.

Also endeavor to go through client reviews and check-

  • Which are the aspects they have appreciated and what, according to them, the firm needs to improve over and if those drawbacks are creating any friction with your interest

Many organizations provide such information at own website’s ‘Portfolio’ section. However, if your ‘contacted-with’ agency does not have them, do not hesitate to ask for.

The survey can only go right, when you progress through the right medium, right?

In this regard, another pro tip to pursue is that of exploring the number and quality of case studies the firm has conducted at your field and form a good-enough notion of its inherent credibility.

What are the Benchmarks Followed Over Reporting?

Utmost essential to know before you finalize over a certain agency and be assured that a truly futuristic work methodology will be operating for your brand.

In accordance to the top-ranking mystery shopping companies in Kolkata, elements to cross-check in this regard include –

  • Is there the facility to have access to individual surveys while they take place?
  • Can real-time reports be availed at any moment during the 24 hours? / Will they be mailed immediately after the research gets completed? /Are all reports mobile-optimized?
  • If or not prevalent software like Sassie, Examinare, Shopmetrics are availed to optimize the reporting system
  • Will the results generated be available in an integrated dashboard tailormade at par with your operational flow?
  • Is geo-specific assessment available for market sectors across the borders?
  • Does the house measure findings basing upon your business-specific KPIs? / Can quantifiable goals be set in relation to future?
  • Are there in-house reviewers to assure the mystery shoppers’ reports are complete (including all CX touch-points) and error-free?
  • What about getting instant notification when a survey score deviates from the standardized yardstick – below average or an unanticipated improvement
  • Levels of filtrations (date, particular questionnaires, market pattern etc) provided to narrow down the results and have the volume of data actually worthwhile for your core team to work with for a definite period

Is Expert Consultation Available?

The house which finds out your exact market status within customers will be the best advisor for improvement – isn’t it? Thereby, as one ground-norm, learn whether your chosen firm is capable to provide you expert advise over –

The way to move and evolve in accordance to the survey’s discoveries.

Many-a-times, these agencies deploy niche veterans who draw the best and strategized plan-of-action for you to absorb. They set time-specific goals of progress and monitor from time-to-time the growth percentage of your brand acceptance amidst the targeted buyers.

# Spoiler Alert – Do not settle for a mystery shopper service company with less than 5 years of experience. And why? Because fruitful market research is a skill that evolves only through a greater number of projects and case studies. Knowing how to have answers from customers in the real-world can be learned only by interacting more and more with them.

Revenue-nurtured market research to you!