The booming competition among students regarding the better educational institution, better mentors, teachers, and better jobs for the utopian way of life demands for utmost patience, focus and perseverance. There is extreme pressure on students these days. This results in the requirement of highly efficient ways to memorize and learn new information quickly. With the rising dominance of smartphones, free online gaming and the internet, the focus span of a 21st-century student has decreased to match the focus span of a sparrow, and therefore the necessity of a student to focus on an assigned project has never been so high. Here are a few ways mentioned to help students focus better and thereby get better grades.

Ways To Get Focus For Students To Get Better Grades

1. Focus in school

Most of the work is complete, if a student pays attention in class and clarifies his/her doubt in the class itself or later during the day from the teachers or friends.

2. A fixed area assigned for study

If there exists an assigned area where a student can focus in utmost peace and silence, then the efficiency of the brain rises exponentially. An assigned spot should be kept free from congestion and clutter for greater concentration and focus.

3. The study session should be free from gadgets

A study found that reading through a hard copy and writing it down simultaneously (physically) results in higher proficiency. This enhances the learning process than reading it on a smartphone or a laptop.

4. Designing a strategy

The study strategy should consist of an hour-long session. This should include a 40-minutes focussed study, 10-minutes revision of the topic learnt and then 10-minutes of a break for the mind to wander freely; redo the whole process until you achieve your goal.

5. Practice mindfulness and play focus-oriented games

Practice meditation in the morning or at least before an important exam. This can boost up your brain’s efficiency and problem-solving abilities. Also, playing games and focusing on activities such as Brain Café, Elevate and Rituals to name a few are very useful to train the brain to be efficient and healthy.

6. Focus on the skills and not grades

The sole way to learn a lot of study material is to consider them as a skill rather than considering them just a piece of paper that is required to score marks.

7. Reward yourself

After the completion of the assigned work/project, reward yourself with your favourite food or video games, go for a walk, listen to music and so on. Rewards provide a positive bias to the brain, which would provide positivity towards that task in the future. The major reason for inefficient study practices and lesser grades is stress. Stress makes the brain dull and numb the brain cells required for efficient work.

A few ways to tackle stress are:

Hit the gym

Going out for a walk or jogging works wonders. You can do any form of such exercise to increase the flow of blood in the brain through the whole body. This boosts a high level of dopamine and oxytocin in the body. All these later help in increasing happiness, lack of tension and also booming memory power.

Talk to someone you trust

Talking about the problem and letting the stress out is the best way to lose stress.

Good night sleep is a must

Sleeping is one of the best ways to rejuvenate both the body and the brain. Sleep restores the body to mental equilibrium and acts as a data/information saving period that exhausts during the day.

Eat the right things

The consumption of the right amount of fibres, proteins and carbohydrates are very important. This preserves the required amount of energy to study and remember new information. Glucose is an important part of a student’s life. It is very good for the brain and you should consume it before an exam.

Just breathe

Taking deep and long breathes can work wonders on stress. There seem to be various yoga exercises regarding the same.

Do what you like

Taking some time off to listen to your favourite music is a boon. You can even write a short poem, talk to your friends or someone you love. This increases the flow of dopamine in the body. Also, it miraculously increases the level of understanding and efficiency of the student.

With the exceptional rise in population in the recent years and the number of government institutions remaining the same, there exists a huge number of the student population in India that do not have access to an eloquent yet economical education. This deprivation and insecurity give rise to the necessity of Private educational organisations. Ultimately, this creates the need for an insurmountable amount of money, for the affiliation, as input. 


Focus is they to success for every student. Don’t jump between tasks as your momentum will get lost. Tackle one particular thing at a time. Too much pressure to be the champion of everything can make you feel easily distracted.  Students across the globe are facing such issues because we want them to be the master of every field. This ultimately leads to failure. From Kota to the USA, students should have a choice to take a pause and think. They should think about what they ultimately want to do in life and then proceed ahead in life.