Proprietary CRM solutions are jam-packed with features so one wonders why an enterprise should go for Custom CRM development. For one the number of features may prove to be a stumbling block. They get in the way and some useful features may be hidden in a sub-menu level so employees do not use it. Features you do not use are simply bloatware for you and make use of precious resources. Worse, the standard CRM may lack the very features that you need for your business so you have spent money and have not got what you wanted. When it comes to scaling you will come up against another roadblock. The wise thing to do is to go in for custom CRM development right from the start. The next question now is how to go about creating a custom CRM solution.

A clear vision of your present and future needs

The CRM is at the core of your business and its purpose is to help you grow. What do you expect of it? You can quantify and qualify requirements in various modules for sales, support, marketing, data, campaigns, inventory, manufacturing and services depending on the type of your industry or business. This procedure of knowing what you need is best carried out before you call in CRM software providers in Mumbai.

Rope in the right CRM developer

The CRM is important and it is worthwhile spending time evaluating CRM software providers in Mumbai willing to provide custom CRM development fine-tuned to your requirements, not their convenience. Cost is certainly secondary to deliverables and quality of custom development of a CRM that will fit in with your existing processes and have ample headroom for future scalability. CRM development at Smart Sight Innovations is purely focused on customized solutions for each client.


A series of discussions is in order with a team specializing in CRM development at Smart Sight Innovations. It will help the developers get a clear idea of what the client needs. Importantly, it happens most of the time that clients may not even be aware of the possibilities of CRM and go by general features. Smart Sight experts analyze the client’s business operations and make suitable recommendations for CRM and its features.  One important factor to consider is usability from the employees’ perspective which should certainly figure in the discussions. If users cannot figure out how to use the features even the best custom CRM is of little use and the investment in custom CRM development goes to waste. One can then proceed to features.


A CRM is of little benefit if it sits in the office and executives are out in the field. Therefore, whatever the features you select for your custom CRM, the prime thing is that the solution should be available on mobiles. Executives in the organization should be able to carry out any operation ranging from interacting with customers to invoicing to complaint resolution using their mobile devices in the field. Your customer experience climbs up several notches when each customer receives prompt attention.

Omnichannel communications

It is all very well to have a fine-tuned CRM suited to your operations but its usability goes up when you have the experts in CRM development tie it with omnichannel communications through a single dashboard. Your marketing and sales executives can respond better to leads and to existing customers through voicemail, fax, email, phone, chat or social media. New leads go into the CRM and data is added about existing customer behaviours leading to better insights. As an aside, one can say that collaboration within various departments such as marketing, sales, service and manufacturing too improves with an omnichannel facility that can be used for external and internal communications.

Make it modular and scalable

One thing observed at Smart Sight Innovations in their CRM development activities is that many customers try to get the maximum number of features in the package as a way of getting the most for the least but this can be self-defeating. It is always advisable to start with minimum features, find out where improvements can be put in and stay linked with Smart Sight Innovations for changes and additions of features as you go along. Your Smart Sight CRM solution remains lean, easy on hardware resources and user-friendly.

To sum it up, know what you want, find out what could be of use to your business model and give the CRM developers a brief. Then leave it to them to put in place a custom CRM you will love to use and get the maximum benefits leading to business growth.