Is the internet ever going obsolete? What an anti-humanist and bamboozle question is this. Isn’t it? I mean, look at the world, technological giant are indulging in a dynamite war of launching 5G bombastic internet technology meanwhile world’s surveillance and security institute making themselves faultless with this technology and we all as an individual are obsessed with this phenomenon. Does this question make sense in such a scenario where we are all dominated by this exceptional invention of the twenty-first century? It is true that we humans don’t adapt to new things. We become sceptic to new things. But the internet is not a new thing anymore, in fact, it is covering everything in its manifolds. And the world’s mechanism is almost managed by the internet and is further expanding its usage virtually in all segment of the world. It is such a diversified and multifarious that I believe no one can explain it in a single blog. Let me try to explain, why this phenomenon is never going to be archaic.

Surveillance Through Internet

With the growing population and depletion of natural resources like water, food and obviously land, the conflicts are inevitable. The deadliest epidemic of crimes, injustice and inequality is increasing day by day. And almost the whole world is grappled by this evil endemic. It is also true that the fourth revolution or industrial revolution revolutionized the production jobs in the world, but on the other hand, it unbalanced the world as well. Millions of unskilled worker lost their jobs. And now development of artificial intelligence is kicking out the worker from industries. In such circumstances, crime has been in multitude and we have been more insecure. Furthermore, the competition among the world’s technical powers boosted espionage and hacking activities. Therefore, there is a need to improve the world’s surveillance system to be sheltered from this hurricane of espionage and hackers.

The world has invented and in fact, has installed security cameras in some metropolitan; Dubai, New York, France and some other famous cities that trace and recognize offenders. Facial recognition is a technology that identifies and verify the face of a person from a digital image.

Entertainment for All with Internet

Now, entertainment is not a cake for the few privileged people especially when we talk about movies and sports and music. It is true that without the internet, everyone can’t afford a cinema ticket for watching a movie and we all are not able to buy a ticket for the Lady Gaga concert in Los Angeles’s five-star hotel. And some of us can’t afford to watch the live fight of Brock Lesnar and Undertaker in wrestling mania. But the internet allows us to see these amazing things just by tuning in the respective channels and site. I am a die-heart follower of cricket and the world cup is just to start but I can’t afford to go whales and see live matches, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t watch world cup at all, I have internet dude. So what do you think obsoleteness of internet can ever happen or we who are less privileged can let that happen? No way.

Communication and Internet

How the fastest and instant communication system we have in the existing time of the world. it takes just seconds for a message to spread all around the world. What do you think, how is this huge communication system of the world managed? How do these fast technological transports operate? Does the Internet have any role in relation to this incredible transportation system? Yes, the Internet has a very important and effective role in the management of this transport system, for example, now we do not have to go to the service center of the ticket station to obtain a ticket that we can take while we are sitting in our house. Through the Internet. The different airlines keep in contact with each other and the management of the airport to exchange information. The Internet is also very useful to obtain and disseminate meteorological information that is vital to make a decision about whether aircraft should leave the airport or not.

Socialization, Information and Internet

The Internet service has profoundly strengthened connectivity. Today, many social media applications, managed by the Internet, have connected billions of people around the world and promoted democratic aspects. Freedom of expression, freedom of expression and freedom of the media and also made information accessible to all. Moreover, we do not live at an age when the information was very rare and one had to travel miles and miles to get information. For example, in the Stone Age, it took years for news or a new law to spread throughout the country or state, but today information is as easy as breathing. Now to get the information we have so we do not travel too far, what we have to do is have the Internet and a way to tell the Internet what you want from the Internet. Now we can even learn everything from the Internet, we can learn foreign languages, even everything. By knowing all these positive aspect of the internet and it revolutionize impact in our life can we dare to think the absence of internet from our life? Not at all.

Internet and Modern Business

We are not living in age anymore in which you have a limited market in specific areas and merchant are chanting the rates of their products and are exchanging goods with goods or in exchange for slaves. This is not the time when one had to go in far areas to sell his yield and product and had to search a buyer who is interested to purchase his product. This is the twenty-first century in which each day billions of dollar trade are taking place and you are getting updates of production and currency and products rates every single second. Do you think that we can ever go back to the same time period as discussed above? Not at all.