A website redesign already? This is the first reaction of many of the business clients that approach the best web development company in India after we suggest them to do so. Their instant reaction goes like, we just did one and how bad it could be that the website needs another redesign. Well, only you can answer that for your website. Ask yourself, is your website doing everything a customer expect from your brand? Are you getting the expected leads from the website? If the answers to these questions are “NO”, you seriously should think of redesign the website now. You can hire professionals from the best web design company in India to do so.

For a successful business in digital space, you need to have an attractive, responsive and easy to use the website. But a website redesign is a crucial step and you have to work on elements that are hindering the growth and not the ones serving the purpose. All confused about where to start redesigning, here is the post by the best web designers in India discussing the reasons that your website needs a total redesign. Here it goes:

Why your website needs a total redesign

Reasons Why Your Website Needs Redesigning Urgently
Reasons Why Your Website Needs Redesigning Urgently

1. Your website is old and outdated

There are many business entities that consider the period of 3 years in between ideal for doing a total redesign of the website. But if your website is five years or older, it needs an instant redesigning. The reasons are simple as there are technological advancements in digital marketing every now and then. And if it is that older, it is depriving the business of the benefits of these advancements. Another reason that it needs a revamp is it is all too monotonous by now for your customers. It gives the impression of “not giving enough attention to your customer needs and requirements” as an old website will not deliver the user-friendly experience. You definitely don’t want to give that impression.

2. Your brand has evolved

The business website is the first platform people go to reach your product and services. Therefore it is essential to elude the current status of your business through the website. If you have added a new product or have achieved any award or certificate in your industry, you need to update that on your website. When your business has evolved, the past content on your website is irrelevant. Also, the new customers expect a different online experience from your website that can be delivered with redesigning one. You can avail the professional assistance of the best web design company in India in this context.

3. Your competitors are doing it

Yes, the simple sign that puts you to redesign your website now is that your competitors are doing it and their websites are looking better. Keeping up with others is definitely not a good idea in personal life, but when it comes to business, you need it to some degree. It becomes a must especially in the digital world where trends determine success. Although you have to be particular about these trends as well as not all of them work in your favor, some might affect the user experience which is very important. Therefore, if your competitors have reworked their sites, you too should consider the same. Also, keep a close eye on trends followed by your competitors in industry as if they all are implementing the specific pattern, you need that as well. Just be creative in its incorporation.

4. Your website is not SEO friendly

We have seen many websites that are not at all SEO optimised. What’s the first purpose of creating the website except for making it accessible to users on the internet? If users can’t reach your website or are not aware of it, how can you expect your business to flourish? For making website available on the internet to a user, SEO is required. It will help you in getting higher rankings on search engines. So if your website is not SEO friendly, you definitely should contact the best web development company in India now. SEO will not only help you in achieving better rankings on Google, but it will also extend your reach and helps in delivering the user-friendly experience.

5. Obsolete elements

Does your website have obsolete elements like dead buttons, links, pages or tabs? If your answer is yes, you can hire the best web developers in India for an instant fix. Your website needs an instant fix as only a redesign will help in eliminating these obsolete and annoying features from your website. If you have them, it will give the impression of “too lazy” or “too careless”. Therefore you need a quick fix of these dead points.

6. A more secured websites

Undoubtedly, there are technological advancements happening in the digital world. But all of them are not favorable as cyber hackers have also advanced their skills in manipulating your website and substantial data. Therefore you need a redesign to fix the security issues especially when you have a payment gateway added on your website. For more assistance over how to fix these security issues, you can hire the best web developers in India.


How often should you redesign your website? The answer to this question is when you notice the need for it. For instance, if you think you need to pull off some new advertising strategies and your website is not in adherence to it, you can go for a redesign. It doesn’t have to be a total redesigning. Updating the website or devising it with new tools that can help you is also the same. Redesigning the website helps you in building a dynamic website that can keep up with the changes and challenges of the external environment of your industry as well as to address necessary internal issues in the business. hire the best web design company in India to redesign your website now.