Relying on home remedies for treatment of cough and cold is something that every Indian household believes. Even the use of the best ayurvedic cough syrup for child is there as part of the medical kit. Apart from treatment of cold and cough these medications are devoid of any serious side effects. Let us now flip through the common home remedies helping you deal with cough and cold.

Home Remedies For Cold And Cough

Ginger tea

Not only it tastes good, but it helps to provide relief from cold and cough. The benefit of this tea is that it helps with a dry and runny nose and from respiratory tract removing phlegm. In addition some of the other benefits of ginger are it soothes cold and contributes to a faster recovery process.

Lukewarm water

Drinking of lukewarm water at intervals of 20 minutes helps to soothe and eradicate cough and cold. With warm water inflammation in the throat is reduced and removes the infection out of the human body.

Turmeric and milk

A common ingredient that is part of every Indian modern day household. Turmeric is bestowed with a strong anti-oxidant helping to cope up with various health problems. To fight cough and cold you can mix milk with turmeric and consume. Before sleeping drinking a warm glass of milk with turmeric would lead to a faster recovery from cough and cold.

Salt water gargling

An age old method used for the treatment of cough and cold. If you add turmeric in salt water it can be beneficial.

Brandy and honey

To keep your chest warm opt for brandy as your body temperature is raised and if you mix honey in cold it combats cold and cough. An ayurvedic cough syrup has the common ingredients of brandy and honey. Mix a teaspoon of brand with a single teaspoon of honey as it helps to deal with cough and cold.

Warm water, lime juice and honey

A combination of these three items paves way for better digestion and an improved circulatory system. To combat cold add honey on to lukewarm water.

Spiced tea

Black pepper, ginger, tulsi a combination of preparing spiced tea and this is of vital importance to your health. All of them have their individual benefits in treatment of cold.

Salt and ginger

You can cut ginger into small pieces and add salt on to it. Then chew these pieces to fight common cough and cold.

Sauté garlic

You can sauté a few pieces of garlic in warm ghee and consume it when warm.  This works out to be a soothing impact for cough and cold.

Carrot juice

This might seem to be an uncommon home remedy, to deal with issue of cough and cold. This would be really strange but it helps to deal with cough and cold.


This is another home remedy to get rid of cough and cold. Just go on to boil these flaxseeds till it thickness.

These are some of the popular home remedies to get rid of cough and cold.