The last part of your body you probably think about is your feet – until your feet begin to hurt. Our feet’s are too important to simply overlook, though: with the complex framework of tendons, muscles and ligaments and 26 bones, your feet absorb the complete weight of your body with each step, keeping you upright and completely balanced in the process.

The issues that can affect your feet’s are many. Cracked skin, foot odor, corns, fallen arches, fungal infections, ingrown toenails and even the bone damage can some discomfort and lesson your mobility. Although, a number of these issues are congenial, you can stay away from most of them with just a bit of TLC. If that was not enough for an incentive, all of these issues are tend to get more bad as we age, so if you are someone who thinks foot care is not important then you should change your mind. Also you can buy foot creams online using Mobikwik Offers with great deals.

Here is a list of few tips which you can use to take care of your feet health:

  • Make a habit of cleaning your feet (and in between the toe are) with a washcloth regularly and carefully. Yes, you need to bend over while you are showering to soup your feet; if you are not able to balance safely in the shower than make use of a long handled shower brush or you can just use a chair outside the tub to thoroughly clean your feet. Make sure to completely dry your feet, including between the toe areas. With this wash and dry method you can reduce issues like foot odor, fungus and bacteria.
  • If soaking your feet’s are a habit of yours then do not use Epsom salts, they are extremely drying and do not provide any medicinal advantage. Instead, only make use of warm water and a bit of liquid soap, such as dishwashing liquids, that have skin softeners properties.
  • Carefully moisturize your feet after cleaning them. During the winter season, you might need to moisturize them several times a day. You do not need to get any fancy product for moisturizing: simple creams and lotion would do the trick.
  • Alternate the pair of shoes you wear daily. That means you need to get two different pairs of your favourite shoes since shoes need some time to air out to avoid foot odour or any type of infection. Change stocking or socks more than once every day. If you are facing smelly feet issues, soak them in the blend of water and vinegar.
  • Your feet must not hurt – not ever. Wearing tight shoes can harm bunions, disform the shape of the toe and cause painful growth of the foot. If you like wearing high heels then select the shoes that are stable, wide and no longer then two inches. The toe box of the shoe must be wide; pointed toes must not start their narrowing structure until after passing the ball of the foot. Alternate high heels on a regular basis to protect your Achilles tendon.
  • Totally flat shoes and the flip-flops do not give the arch support to the feet’s. Neither walking barefoot does. Women’s are more likely to develop flat feet, which could possibly lead to other feet issues. To keep your feet healthy and strong, reduce the amount of time you use the shoes that do not provide supportive arches. Also, you can buy a variety of shoes online using Ajio Discounts with great offers.
  • Ageing, diabetes and pregnancy everything affects your feet. Pregnant ladies should wear shoes with broad heels, good shock absorbent and arch support. Pregnancy adds some weight that can cause a change in your foot size, so measure your feet and get a new pair of shoes. Old women’s lose the cushioning fat on their feet; that is why shock-absorbent shoes are necessary. Diabetic patients can develop some serious issues related to legs. See a physician at least once a year and examine your feet daily for any problem.

Be cautious when going for a pedicure in any salon, where cleanliness of the instruments and tubs are extremely important. If you have diabetes problem, talk with your doctor before going for a pedicure in any salon.