An occupational accident, workplace accident, accident at work is an unexpected and unpleasant event that is due to the external and internal factors, due to which employees suffer injuries.

Workplace accidents can occur in any place where work is under progress. These accidents usually happen at maintenance work. The common cause of this accident is a lack of safety equipment.

What are the most common occupational accidents?

Industrial accidents can be minor to worse, depending on the condition and the severity of the impact. In worse situations, these accidents can also lead to death.

Some common workplace accidents include:

Slip, trip and fall:

Slip and trip is the most common accident in the workplace injuries. It is also one of the primary cause of personal injury claims. These accidents cover 1/3rd of all occupational accidents. Mostly the damages after the slip or trip an employee’s face are knee injuries, back injuries, fractures, and sprain, and strain.

Do you know what is Slip and trip?

•    Trip – poor lighting, uncovered cables, and uneven surfaces, an obstructed view can cause hitting by objects which can lead to fall

•    Slip – Wet and oily surfaces, weather hazards, loose rugs or mats, and flooring that are uneven can cause slip and fall

Slip and trip accidents can happen anywhere in the workplace. To avoid these accidents, you need to clean the surface where you stand entirely. Employees need to clean the surface to prevent slipping and tripping. For this purpose, your staff needs to place their instruments in the right place.


Mental and physical stress is another leading cause of workplace accidents. However, this cause of accidents is not recognized. Although, this can cause psychological and serious fatal injuries.  Employees should be mentally and physically fit to do their job. When you deal with heavy machinery, you need to be very careful about the impact of machines.

To avoid these accidents, you can aware your staff to reduce the stress of job or task, and work in the free environment. If they get tired, they should take breaks for drinking water and relax their body to start work again.

Falling from height

Falling from height is one of the leading cause of the accident in the maintenance work. In maintenance or construction work, you need to climb on the roof of the building or the wall of upper floors, if you miss any of the instruction you may get fall from the height.

Falling from height can cause a brutal impact on the body. The victim of this accident is lead to death or lifetime disability.

You can prevent this accident by using proper safety equipment. You can tie yourself with lifts and other objects so if you lose your balance; you might save your life.

Repetitive motion injuries

Some work or fields need the repetitive motion of the same joints. The repetitive motion can cause injuries to the joins and bones. Occupations that are a high risk of these injuries are plumbing, carpenters, and painters.

If any injury occurs due to the long term work of repetitive motion, it will be the employer’s duty to give compensation to the employees.

Work in a hurry

Work in a hurry or meeting deadlines can cause many accidents. As you know, most of the accidents occur not due to the insufficient instruments, but it happens due to the negligence of the employees.

When you take your work easy and work in a hurry, you may get severe impact by heavy machinery.

To prevent this accident, you need to take your job seriously. Using proper equipment can also minimize the risk of accidents.

Falling objects

Falling objects are also a leading cause of workplace accidents. Falling objects can cause a brutal impact on the head. These accidents occur on construction sites. You need to care to keep yourself safe extraordinarily. In manual machinery, these accidents are more common.

You can prevent this accident you need to properly use safety equipment and well tie the object to save your life.

Caught or struck by machinery or objects

Machinery that moves with its limits, or rotates its object chances is high that it can be caught the nearby objects. These objects can strike in the machine. In some cases, if you don’t maintain the safe distance, the employee or the operator of the machinery can also be hit in the motor.

These accidents usually occur in relevant fields:

•    The point of operation – when work is performed in the cutting or reshaping department you need to be very careful about your hands

    Power transmission – Pulleys, flywheels, belts, connecting rods, gear, and chain should be free from getting struck by objects. You need to properly cover these power transmission objects to avoid accidents.

Transportation and vehicle-related accidents

When you deal with the vehicles, you may get injured. These accidents can occur due to the struck by vehicle or falling objects from a vehicle. Vehicle-related accidents are more common in agriculture industries. As you deal with the vehicle along with heavy machinery, this can cause fatal injuries.

Fire and explosions

In the industries, unexpected explosions are not uncommon. Any leakage or poor pipe fitting in the gas pipeline can cause fire and explosions. A burn is the main injury in fire and explosions. The leakage of gas if nonflammable can cause damage to the respiratory system.

Safety equipment to reduce the accidents

Employers should provide proper safety equipment to reduce fatal causalities. An employer can also educate their employees to decrease the causalities.


The employees should be trained appropriately relevant to their work. As you know, every work field needs different safety equipment with professional expertise. If you hand over a complete project to an untrained person, he may get injuries.


Employees should be adequately educated of their work. They should be fully educated about their health and work concerns.

Safety equipment

Its employer’s duty to provide the safety equipment to minimize the injuries during work time. The safety equipment depends on the type of work also. Different kind of work needs various safety equipment.

Health and Safety Inspector

An employer can hire a safety inspector to use safety equipment strictly. If the employee doesn’t use the safety equipment, the safety inspector should be allowed to find them.

Unintentionally, if you are involved in a workplace accident, that is not your fault, or your employer’s mistake or you were not provided the safety equipment you can claim compensation. For this, you can consult personal injury solicitor Bury to register a claim. Personal injury solicitor can help you to pursue your case in the solicitor’s court.