College is perhaps one of the most important times of one’s life. Whilst learning all sorts of new things, technology remains to be an essential part of the studying regimes. Websites and apps are essential to the whole learning process of this modern era of education.

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We all know and remember how difficult it is to be a student. Why now even at school it is more difficult to study – there are more information and less time. But there is good in our own wonderful 21st century. These are technologies that can greatly simplify the life of a student in any educational institution.

If you explore the apps recommended by online forums for college, you will find stereotypes like Twitter, Spotify, and other obvious names. Yes, we know networking is important but we are sure you can take care of that kind of stuff yourself. We are going to suggest some resourceful apps to enhance your learning experience. Lots of online activities? No wonder you have begun to conduct searches like Frontier Internet prices!

Here are our suggestions for the best college apps for Android users. They will cater to all your needs related to college and learning. Take advantage of technology and manage everything on your smartphones.

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Best Android Apps for College Students

Adobe Apps

We all are aware of the powerful apps offered by Adobe. Most of them are highly useful for college students. Some of the popular names are Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Audition, After Effects, and so on. The mobile-optimized versions of these apps are also equally favorable and powerful in their respective genres. For instance, Premiere Rush and Lightroom are a couple of instances.

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For students who prefer cross-platform support, these apps easily plug into the desktop versions too. And guess what, students get to have immense discounts on various Adobe software because of their college enrolment. These apps are worth the investment!


If you are thinking about why we have added this app to our recommendations, then let us enlighten you. edX allows you to take additional courses online from a good variety of colleges. Some of the mentionable names are Harvard University, UC Berkeley, MIT, and so on.

Yes, we are suggesting an increased workload. But these courses are going to pay off. They will help you augment the stuff that you are learning already and have an increased perspective. It is also great for your summer study because you would want to brush up on various topics before the next school year begins. Also, the app is free of cost!

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Microsoft Office 365 Education

Another huge host of various college apps is Microsoft. It gives students plenty of apps to play with. Microsoft Office 365 is one of those. It allows a full-on subscription with a valid school email ID that’s 13 years old at least. You get to have your hands on Microsoft Excel, Word, OneNote, Powerpoint, and so on. If you don’t have that email address, you still get to have Google Drive for free.

With these lucrative apps, you get to collaborate with your fellow students on various projects. Explore unlimited options and give a new meaning to group studies!

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It has been a long while now since LectureNotes is considered one of the great apps for college. It has a useful note-taking interface and you can draw on it. You get to:

  • Attach images from your smartphone’s camera.
  • Record audio or video lectures.
  • Organize better by re-arranging notebook pages.
  • Export notes to OneNote, Evernote, PDF, and so on.
  • You can give a shot to a free trial and then decide if you want to invest in the full version.

Google Drive

Another host of a collection of college apps is Google Drive. You get to have plenty of space with the cloud storage that it offers. You also get your hands on a complete office suite with Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, and so on. Google Keep allows you to have voice, text, and photo notes. With a single valid Google account, you get to have all of this.

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It also offers a set of various collaborative tools to facilitate group projects. Microsoft Office Documents are also supported. Good news for those who want to have more space, you get around 15GB of additional free space. To have 100GB of space, you will have to pay a tiny amount every month. This is more than enough for a college student.


During studies, one often has to use library books, which can be studied only in the reading room, as well as manuals, one for three. As for the foreign lecture notes, it is not worth talking about them. In a situation where you need to quickly copy a large amount of text, the Scanbot scanning application will be better than the camera of a mobile phone. Scanbot allows you to immediately sort the photographed documents into different albums so that you don’t get confused later on, you can upload the resulting image to the cloud or convert it to a PDF file. The paid version of the application also has a text recognition function.

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Flashcards App

As the name infers, Flashcards App slows you to create flashcards. When it is about study tools, this one is essential. It allows you to memorize complex phrases and words, study a second language, and so on. you can create around 50 flashcards with the free version. For the rest, you will have to pay a certain amount. The interface is pretty simple and convenient to use. You actually enjoy using it.

Some other noteworthy apps are Wolfram Alpha, Sunrise, Calcu, IFTTT, and so on. Choosing the apps you want to use is fairly simple. You know what you need. And even if you have to compare similar apps, the comparison is going to be easier than Frontier vs Spectrum. Mainly because both of them are equally good. With apps, it’s different. You will know which is better in performance.

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It’s customary to scold modern technologies: the Internet disconnects people, everyone sits on dates with their hands on phones, and mobile games are the main enemy of academic performance. Despite the fact that we really often get distracted by messages on social networks and a ripened crop of carrots, smartphones can and should be used to the benefit of ourselves and our studies. The developers have done a lot to make life easier for students. In its material, “” talks about 10 useful applications that can be downloaded for free.

Good luck!