The world is heading toward a fast innovative and pacing phase where everything is getting modernized and digitalized. The Same thing is happening with books also, it’s a fact that almost every people go through a phase in their life when books turn out to be their best companion. It is truly said that if you go through books then you can relive all the life of those characters which you have gulped down into your soul. Without any rebirth, you can take birth many times by keeping yourself in the same place and situation as of the character’s situation. Many people love to travel and read the book as well so it nearly becoming very cumbersome work to carry those books which they are interested in reading. So if you have a kindle and a perfect torrenting website with you then you really don’t need to carry books with yourself while traveling. The trend of E-book is so tremendously increasing just because of its user-friendly nature and because of its super accessibility nature.

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There is only one problem or issue with the torrenting site is that some of the torrent sites got banned in certain area and location in the world so resolve this issue you can use VPN. VPN is basically a network or server by which are used to connect the regional or small structured user to connect to a company’s private network. Use of VPN will allow connecting to server if that particular torrent site isn’t available in your location. Linking with VPN servers will help you download any e-book from any of your desired torrent sites.

Talking about so much related to torrent sites, we must view some of the most developed and widely used torrent sites by which you can download any of your desired e-books. So below a list is provided with the details related to that particular torrent site so that you can get all of its specifications and features as well:

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Best EBook Torrent Sites to download free Ebooks in 2019-20

The Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay Ebook Torrent Site

It has a tagline which says “the galaxy’s most resilient BitTorrent site” and it surely stands up to its name and tagline. It is truly a brilliant site for downloading any of your favorite e-books in any part of the world because it is truly a site which can be accessed all over the world. It was launched in the year of April 2009. It too faced many restrictions and ban but it is still growing. It has been banned in several countries but it has numerous amounts of proxy sites which can’t be replaced without replacing the concept of torrenting. It contains books of very diverse genres of every kind of books like literature, science fiction books, books related to commerce and arts are easily available in this site.

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Torrentz Ebook Torrent Sites

It is yet another site which has faced several bans but it is still proving that it is a site upon which you can depend on all of your needs related to e-books. This site does have many ads going on around but it doesn’t really hamper the speed of downloading and makes itself to be a speedy torrenting site.


Kickasstorrents Ebook Torrent Sites

It is a site which abides the rules of regulation of BitTorrents servers and it is site by which you can share files so if you have downloaded the file then you may share that file to your friend or any peer who want to read that same book which you have downloaded. It was launched in the year 2006 and within only 6 years from its launching, it became the most visited site related to e-book downloading features. In the year 2016, it faced some issue but soon it resolved it and it became one of the most viewed sites because a non-registered user can also avail the same features as that of a registered user.


TorrentHound Ebook Torrent Site

It is a site which has a great range of book related to all fictional, non-fictional books and also it has all sci-fictions also which can nearly satisfy all the needs of your books. It is also a sharing site for peer to peer sharing of downloaded files and it does regulate under the rules of BitTorrents. And within a few years of launching it has gained massive success.

1337X Book Torrent site:

1337X Ebook Torrent Site

It is another site which is a peer to peer file-sharing site because with the help of this site you can easily share one downloaded file from you to any of your friends. It has a great range of all the kinds of books which you can read and have some coffee in the little reading corner of your home.

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Torrentdownload EBook Torrent Site

It is a site which got recognition gradually as the day passes. It slowly came to recognition and got popularity. During its launch, it didn’t have many books but after many updates, it really comes up with both authentic as well as all-new books which made it one of the best and strongest sites for downloading any e-book. It has sharing facilities and it does come under BitTorrent rules as well.


FreeBookSpot Ebook Torrent Site

It is yet another site which is really very popular and viewed a site which comes under BitTorrent rules and regulation. It has a wide range of not only books but it does have comic and newsletter also which can help you stay updated with what’s going on around the world while you are traveling the world. Since it is under the regulation of BitTorrent thus it is safe so you can enjoy reading your favorite book without registering online.

So here is the list of 7 different sites which can help you either download the book you want to read or else you can read it online only. Such e-books are very travel-friendly and user-friendly as well. So in all of these sites, you can get all the desired books which you have always wanted to read and you can also hover upon more options and chose your current favorite book. And any of the mentioned sites aren’t available in your area then you should surely use VPN.