This article is all about on how you can achieve a flawless skin, only by following a few steps. And taking some important things into consideration which are very important when it comes to having a bright and shiny skin tone.

These days people are drooling over the idea of perfect skin tone. Celebrities are doing nothing but just telling water to be the secret of their glowing skin. Water is one of the reasons for a flawless skin, but not the only reason for it.

These celebrities undergo a lot of treatments and supplements to look this camera gorgeous. Because no one has a camera-ready complexion.  Some people also consult skin professionals in the verge of getting a spotless skin like celebrities. But it never works in favor for them. We have collected some of the tips from the beauty editors, so let’s have a look at these.

1. More Product Won’t Get You A Better Skin:

Sometimes, people think if they’ll start applying more product it would help them getting a flawless skin more quickly. Sometimes, people also flood their skins with masks, lotions, creams, serums, oils and what not. It is never recommended to mix so many products altogether. Neither applying a lot of product into your skin is considered to be a good thing. As a lot of pores can clog pores, and there are certain ingredients, if put together can produce opposite results on the skin. There are many acids involved in a single product and make sure you don’t use another product with the same amount of efforts.

2. Stop Squeezing Your Pimple:

When you start rubbing or squeezing your pimple, it makes it worse. This is because your hands are covered in bacteria most of the time, just imagine all the things you touch on daily basis. If you are touching a pimple which is already inflamed or infected, you are only adding debris to the pimple and further damaging your skin. Also popping a pimple is no alternate because it would lead swollen mark on your skin, which can even turn into a scar. Hence don’t squeeze your pimple to make it worse. Although should consult with skin specialist in Karachi or any professionals for better treatment.

3. Don’t Spend Too Much On Your Skin Care Products:

I know you must have heard of all miraculous powers which these expensive skin care products, which includes lotions and serums. Beauty editors noted that, there’s no point of spending too much on these products for just a hydration boost. Most dermatologist even work with skin care products from drugstores. It’s better to look at the ingredients to skin care products rather than just opting for the expensive ones, some skin products are light on pockets, and yet are filled with amazing ingredients which are full of benefits for the skin.

4. Follow A Bedtime Skin Care Routine:

Everyone follows a bedtime skin care routine to have a flawless skin, because in the end of the day your skin is full of dirt, germs and bacteria. For which it is very important to have a proper routine. What you do is start by cleansing your skin, double cleansing would be plus, then exfoliate your skin, apply some toner or a mask and then wash your face with a good face wash. Once this is done, you need to apply a moisturizer. This helps the skin to repair itself overnight.

5. Never Miss Out On Sunscreen:

This is one the most important things, the rays of sun are extremely dangerous for skin and deeply damage the skin cells. A sunscreen protects your skin from the radical damage that is caused by sun. Exposure to sun produces early signs of aging and also skin cancer. Therefore, you need to make sure that you never step out of your home without applying a sunscreen. Remember even after you have sunscreen on, cover your skin and avoid sun exposure.


Skin is an important part of body and everyone wants to have flawless looking skin, the idea behind a flawless skin is dedication and effort to make it look flawless. We have listed these suggestions by beauty editors to help you get an ageless, glowing skin.