Life stops when your phone runs out of battery, it takes a whole lot of effort to put them on charge and wait till it comes to life. This is indeed the most painstaking job to let your phone charge let alone to resume your chat with your friend. Certainly, it is too embarrassing when your camera blinks low battery on a graduation party. What options do you have? I believe not much, but to plug them on charge and wait and wait a lot.

However, there is still an ultimate solution that comes with the power bank portable charger. Whether you are indoor or outdoor, portable chargers are always the best companion to help you out of this specific circumstance.

Power bank and a portable charger is the same thing if you got confused, usually, it is the power bank term we use when about to buy one. However, when you decide to buy a power bank there is not just one question you will have to face before spending.

One of the main questions that will arise is for what device you want a power bank? Then the answer to the given question above will get easy for you. Therefore, make sure the device you need to give a boost to is rechargeable through a portable charger or not. For instance, you want a power bank just for the boost of your thirsty phone or whether you need a full-fledged portable charger for your laptop.

What device you want a power bank?

Whereas, there are mostly who need to charge there not only phones or laptops but also cameras, drones and many more rechargeable devices, though it all depends on your usage and the equipment you mostly carry along and there need to remain alive every time.

Power of the battery pack

The most common battery capacity of the portable charger is 10000, 12000, 22400 or 32000 mah power, whereas, the minimum power capacity id 2000 mah. For a single phone and to charge it more than just one time then 10000mah is enough for you. Whereas, if you have more than one phone to charge then you can have big battery capacity holder power banks.

Charging Ports

Another basic question arises while the purchase is the number of ports you need in your portable charger. The maximum number is four. But keep in mind if you don’t want to buy a multi-port power bank then don’t spend and throw your money unnecessarily, it will be for no benefit at the end. In other words, the more phones you have to boost the better you go with the power bank with more than one port.

On the other hand, there’s a whole lot of care is needed to be taken when you own a power bank. Most of the power banks are not able to stop the recharge once it is itself got fully charged, it might cause overcharging and reason to be the deterioration of the battery pack and hence shorten the lifespan of your portable charger.

Therefore, if you are careless or you don’t give much attention to the power bank once you plug it for its refill then you must not take the risk to forget it on the socket by buying the one that has the feature of stopping the power intake when it gets full.

Hope you got a nice brief before spending on the portable charger. By this, you wouldn’t regret your purchase and your power bank last longer than the previous one.