With the help of the applications in the smartphone, the people can do any kind of activity and it gives complete-time passing for the people and also remains as the personal assistant for them. The applications allow the user to get that entertainment, knowledge, security, social media, and much more. The people can use the application to know each and everything in this world. All the applications for the android devices are available for free. Are you excited while hearing it? Yes, it is available when you install the 9apps Apk file. This is the application store that provides the various categories of the applications for the free of cost. The app store does not contaminate the mobile device and therefore it is used by millions of people around the world. The application store is having the applications with the reviews, ratings and the details and therefore the people can see all the information and get the trust about the application before downloading it.

Is this app gives competition for the Google play store?

This is the famous app store that is downloaded by almost all the people around the world because of its interesting features. The applications have a better user interface and therefore the people can navigate through the device easily. The app store can work even in the low internet connection and can perform the downloading process without any interruption. The applications in the app store can be downloaded in the clusters and therefore it does not get stuck or reduces the quality of the applications. The application is user friendly and can be downloaded even in the java type mobile phones. We have created this app store so that from the children to adults they can access all the types of applications for the free of cost.

The category list in the user interface is much helpful for the users to search the required apps within a minute. This app store performs very much fast and therefore the people can enjoy using this app on the mobile phone. The installation of the application can be done later once the app is downloaded. This is more convenient or the office goers and other busy people to install the app when space and the time are available. As this app store provides even the paid applications for free most of the users started installing this app store. Thus this becomes the biggest competitor for the Google play store.

What are the advantages of this app?

  • This app is having less weight and also does not consume more data.
  • The app is having an attractive and graphical user interface.
  • In this app, people can download more than twenty applications at the same time.
  • This app does not gather the information of the user and therefore the people can use it freely.
  • No virus and threat problems in this app store.
  • The application store does not reduce the speed of the android devices.
  • Installation process can be skipped later.