What Education Consultant Do?

Education Consultants provide support to overseas scholars who desire to learn in foreign lands by bridging the gap involving learners and their target.

They uncover the ethnic contrast that an overseas pupil would look forward to and work them up for the encounter.

Owing to their immense bank of knowledge regarding career and education opportunities, they are able to understand the demands of the students.

They assist candidates in several real-time practices like saving funds, social exhibition arrangement to learn overseas tradition and introduce them to the non-native pupil lifestyle.

1) What sort of Colleges / Universities do you extend?

This question always tops the list. You should be aware of where you are going and are planning to study. People will certainly trap you with their fake promises just for the sake of money. Ask them all the relevant queries about the university and the reference of the candidates who have graduated from the university and save yourselves from getting fooled.

2) How many visas have been prepared proficiently from your organization?

This query will give you a clear-cut insight into the firm. The figure of visas it has developed and its success rate will provide you a proper glimpse about how reliable that company is. Individuals mostly ask for genuine information from the representative they are hiring.

3) Can you provide the credentials of the students for whom you have prepared visas before?

Refer to the individuals who got their visas developed from that organization. Ask for their opinions and the amount of time it took for them to get everything completed. This can help you how to proceed further and register your student visa.

4) Do you have any agencies/workmates in other countries where you are directing students for future study?

This thought will definitely cross your mind as to where you are going is entirely a new country where you might not find anyone to aid in any situation. Many visa experts operate only in India, leaving the candidate to bear all the duties in abroad. So, you should always confirm this with the delegate if they have their branch (es) in Australia or not.

5) Does the executive have proficiency in a domain you look at as required consideration?

Candidates have their own designed set of doubts for which they expect the adviser to clear. So, instead of asking general questions, ask those which test their abilities.

6) Do you help in final student visa process –SOP, Admission, and Allocation of CoE till Visa filling?

Students generally have to deposit their SOP and all the related papers to the institution and the Department of Home Affairs. You must ask the agent whether they facilitate these services or not.

7) Do you guarantee admission to a school/college in one of their top choices?

This is the most paramount question you can ask. The students should confirm it both from their side and the counsellor’s side to get admitted to any institution.

8) Do you serve ashore assistance in case of any problem there?

You cannot predict what will happen, so why not get ready for the situations that can occur. Ask them if they can aid you after you arrive in Australia concerning your student visa.

9) What happens if my application is rejected?

A tiny portion of applicants are forbidden with Australian student visas by the immigration consultants (Australia). You can ask the immigration agent for the reason and he/she can help you with various appeal solutions. Don’t collect refund without appealing your issue unless it is heard by the immigration authorities.

10) Why hiring an education counsellor is a boost to success?

Students do not receive ample assistance of a migration agent Australia especially at the time of requesting for a student visa (Australia). They should prohibit from appealing for a visa without any professional aid.

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