The 21st-century world belongs to the Internet, which has more than 1.8 websites right now. These websites are showcasing the presence of many organizations, individuals, groups, and others over the World Wide Web. Out of all these sites, many are there to promote some sort of services while others make users’ life easier by offering them facilities like online shopping, online learning, and performing many others tasks without reaching out someone in real. A majority of them are successful due to WordPress hosting.

Today, WordPress powers more than 30% of all websites on the Internet. It is because the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) is flexible, user-friendly, and mobile responsive. In addition, extended plugin functionality and multiple theme options are some of the key factors that lead to an increase in demand for WordPress web hosting services. Although it is not a daunting task to find a web host and get WordPress hosting for a website, there are several things to ensure before getting services of a host. These are some highly useful features that can add more functionality to a website.

If you are planning to have a WordPress hosting setup, then consider having the below-mentioned features to add significant value to your website or websites:

• Website Statistics

It is one of the most basic yet important factors to have in your hosting setup. With the help of website statistics, you get insight on how your site is performing on the Internet. Through demographics, it tells you about the traffic rate on your website and provides you with crucial information that you can use to improve your site’s performance and get the most out of it.

Many of the hosting providers offer statistics-related services for free while others charge an amount for them. You need to have these statistics as they help you know how your website is performing. The best service provider will be the one who offers these services without charging an amount for them.

• Business Email Accounts

In the modern technology-friendly world, emails are similar to business cards that were extremely popular a few years ago. Today, email accounts are necessary for a business website. Here, business accounts are those that include the domain name of your site. For example- Let’s assume that you are ABC and your website is ‘’. In this case, you must have the ability to create an email account like You must have the authority to create multiple email accounts with the domain name.

A good service provider always has multiple WordPress hosting packages that come with the option to create many email accounts that include the name of a domain.

• Disk Space And Traffic

Disk space and traffic are some of the most prominent features that your WordPress hosting package must have. Disk space is a virtual space on a server that stores all files of your website and keeps them safe. When you add new pages to your website, the storage space on your server decreases and you need to buy more space. To ensure that you don’t run out of space, you must get a package with decent disk space.

Similarly, it also happens with website traffic. If you have a website that highlights your business and provides you with an opportunity to earn revenue by attracting more traffic towards it, then you need to pay attention to the traffic feature as well. Ensure that you are not getting a package that has a traffic cap with it.

• Free Plugins

One of the most exciting features of WordPress hosting is that there are numbers of plugin options to add to your website and make it more user-friendly. However, there are many plugins that web hosting providers do not offer you. Many of them could be associated with traffic and statistics of your website. To ensure that your website is able to use all the useful plugins, pay the special attention to your WordPress host plan.

Wrapping Up

Now getting a WordPress hosting package may seem like a daunting task to you, but it is not when you are aware of your needs and expectations from your website. In addition, you should reach the right WordPress hosting service provider to ensure that your website is getting the right plan to operate in the right way. Choose your plan wisely and experience a rise in the popularity of your website.