WordPress websites are quite popular and building an e-commerce platform on this base is a great idea as WordPress provides excellent options for search engine optimization(SEO). Driving traffic for your website is an important factor, even if you are an e-commerce website.

If you look at the e-commerce giants in the market, they have already started to use some of the more popular tricks and tools to optimize their promotional content to drive more traffic. If you want to structure your WordPress website with optimized tools for good traffic, you should look for WordPress plugins that can help optimize your e-commerce website.

Here, we have explored the five best plugins to design your e-commerce WordPress website.

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Best 5 plugins to design your e-commerce WordPress website:

1. WooCommerce: 

WooCommerce WordPress plugins

Image Source: WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress plugins to form an e-commerce website. WooCommerce has an impressive 27% share among other WordPress plugins of the same category.  It helps design the e-commerce WordPress website to sell, manage the inventory, pricing and market digital and physical products for your e-commerce WordPress website.

eCommerce Usage Distrubution

Image Source: eCommerce Usage Distribution in the Top 1 Million Sites

You can also use it to manage payments, shipping and taxes for the sale of products. It is quite popular because WooCommerce is easy to use and extensible, anyone with a little knowledge of WordPress can build a good e-commerce website using this plugin with no code at all.

Some of the features of WooCommerce are: 

  • You can sell any type of products like digital, physical or affiliate.
  • You can add unlimited products, item categories, sizes and colors with tags, attributes.
  • It helps to showcase the products and reviews on the pages with the “Verified Owner” label.
  • It helps customization of the online store for language, currency and measuring units depending on the demographic location.
  • Automatic sorting and preference-based sorting of products for consumers.
  • It provides geolocation of the consumer addresses for delivery support.
  • It proved support for payment gateways like Stripe and Paypal.
  • It is a free plugin with open-source support for the plugins.

2. Shopify: 

Shopify WordPress plugin

Image Source: Shopify

If you think of building the online e-store, Shopify comes right after WooCommerce. It has about 18% market share among other plugins. Shopify has over 6,00,000 online store owners using its services. 

So, what makes Shopify so popular among others? Answers are here, Easy to use:  It helps the building of an online e-store very easily with its state of the art features and makes any technology challenge look dwarf. It is an excellent solution for beginners or existing enterprises that are looking to cut down costs.

Themes and Designs:

It has a huge variety of storefront themes to choose from for e-commerce website design, which is quite different from other plugins on WordPress. 

Marketing Features:

It comes with a myriad of marketing features like social media integration, implement SEO optimization and generation of discount codes with the ability to help you manage content and blogs for marketing strategies.

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3. Easy Digital Downloads:

easy digital downloads wordpress plugin

Image Source: Easy Digital Downloads

It is focused more on digital products like e-books, pdfs and audio clips. Other online solutions like e-learning platforms and appointment booking systems can use this plugin to develop WordPress websites.

It helps to build e-commerce websites using features like:

  • Add all your digital products and manage them.
  • Categorize products to allow users to browse and choose from them.
  • Accept payments from convenient options.
  • Manage all the orders and delivery support.
  • Add special discount codes for promotional offers.

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4. Magento:

The third most popular e-commerce WordPress plugin after WooCommerce and Shopify is Magento. Magento comes in two variants as of now- Open source and commercial. The open-source version is free for download, install and customizable to alter the e-commerce WordPress website. But, with the commercial version comes two sub-version named Magento Enterprise and Magento Enterprise Cloud. 


Image Source: Magento

Enterprise versions have encouraged the use of  Magento for premium scale use. With 9% of market share among the plugins in WordPress, it is a widely used plugin. Magento’s open-sourced version gives free access to the users to a huge library of themes and designs. Magento Enterprise versions provide extensive e-commerce creation options and this is the sole reason enterprises hire mobile app developers and software developers well-versed in Magento to optimize their websites in sync with their mobile apps.

5. Monster Insights:

This plugin is a little different from all other plugins in this list as this plugin allows you to manage your Google analytics in simpler ways. Google Analytics helps you track your website’s activities for optimizations and higher rankings. It tracks outbound clicks, Tracking of anonymous data, etc.

Monster Insights

Image Source: Monster Insights

There are two versions- one is free and the other is a paid version known as Pro. Free version allows easy installation, to Turn on/off different types of tracking with a single click, define visitor metric and insights through dashboards and reports within your WordPress admin. With this version, you can also track outbound links or downloads on your site. And anonymize IPs to track IPs from regions with restricted policies.

While the Pro version allows you to track popular posts/pages, error pages, Adsense tracking, customized reports creation and define custom dimensions like pageviews for authors.

Concluding lines:

Creating an e-commerce website from scratch can be a tedious job. But, with e-commerce optimized plugins provided in WordPress, it is not that difficult job too. Configuring the right business and product type can be made easier with regular insights by leveraging tools like Google Analytics. This can be facilitated too by a plugin as discussed above. So, don.t wait for your competitor to get ahead and create an online store.