The rise of Facebook Messenger chatbot has become widespread and marketers are now adding it as a crucial part of their social media marketing strategy. According to Forbes, there are 300,000 active chatbots today and Facebook has been proven to represent a continuously evolving marketing and communication channel for business. Additionally, a report from Gartner said that by the year 2020, 85% of businesses’ engagement with their customers will be done without human interaction — and alternatively use chatbots and self-service options. Facebook Messenger chatbot platforms have been proven tremendously effective front-line agents for businesses by helping customers to field inquiries and refer them to a scheduling system. Customer service chatbots can also be used to recommend products and services — simplifying the purchasing processes by doing most of the preliminary work and answering questions that customer services are traditionally tasked to accomplish. According to the social media giant Facebook, there are 2 billion messages being exchanged between businesses and people monthly — another reason by both business owners and marketers are utilizing Facebook Messenger chatbots.

Let’s now list down 5 creative ideas to use chatbot for your Facebook Messenger:

1. Prompt Customers to learn more about products and shop

Kindred Bravely is an eCommerce store for expecting and new moms. This brand offers nursing clothes and other accessories for any woman with an infant. It is clear that their chatbot is created to help their customers get product information and shop for the things they would need. The brand’s creative use of their chatbot replaced the clunky shopping experience of customers on a website that requires the use of different menus and filters with a more human like one. Their customers can simply click on the “Shop now” option on their Facebook Messenger and it would bring up Kindred Bravely’s most popular product categories. Customers can also choose the option to view the brand’s website or learn more about their products.

2. Conduct survey polls and quizzes

Did you know that by conducting survey polls and quizzes, you can collect information and data from your followers and customers? This is considered as one of the most strategic ways to gather useful information to know the areas where you need to improve — to serve your customers better and deliver more targeted and useful content. Spotify does this best by creating a chatbot that asks its followers and subscribers about the kind of music they want and even search for it. This is one of the reasons why music lovers prefer to use Spotify, according to Musically, by the end of this year, it expects to have 245 million to 265 million monthly active users, this includes the 117 million to 127 million premium subscribers.

3. Encourage customers to book for services or make appointments

If your business takes appointments, you can creatively use your Facebook Messenger chatbot to do this task for you. Sephora’s chatbot is an excellent example — having the ability to book a makeover or schedule an appointment as soon as their customers connect is brilliant. This can boost your business’ conversion rates, and improve your user experience and customer service. Having this chatbot for your business is beneficial for both you and your customers because they can reach out to you anytime and anywhere. You will eliminate the chances of losing customers who find it daunting to make calls or browse on websites just to secure an appointment.

4. Use Facebook Messenger chatbot to send chat blast to your customers

The average open rate for chat blasts is around 70% to 80% in the first hour according to Marketing and Entrepreneurship. If you’re thinking creating a chat blast is difficult, here’s complete guide from MobileMonkey. So, what is chat blasting? Basically, it is somehow similar to email blasting, but it is done in Facebook Messenger chat. It is considered as one of the top-of-funnel lead generation strategies for sending messages to each of your customers on your contact list.

5. Deliver breaking news and content

Almost gone are the days when you need to find multiple ways on how to deliver or inform your customers or subscribers about the latest news or information about your brand, products, or services. If your website publishes content on a daily basis, you can use your chatbot to deliver breaking news and contents to your customers. Of course, you would like for your customers to receive not just the latest but also their preferred information — making their experience more personal. TechCrunch’s chatbot is the perfect example of this. Its chatbot lets their followers choose how often they would like to receive new content and what topics they are interested in — it added a personalized touch by using an AI (artificial intelligence) to deliver related content based on the topics or stories they interact with the most. Creative ideas and options are endless when it comes to creating and using a chatbot for your Facebook Messenger to interact with your followers and customers. Utilizing a chatbot is a surefire way of connecting with people, building a good relationship with your customers, and keeping them interested in what you have to offer.