Have you considered blogging as a part of your law firm internet marketing strategy? If not, then you must do so immediately. Many attorneys feel that posting articles is not going to be as effective as other forms of promotion. They do not realize that blogging is a powerful tool that can provide valuable long-term gains. Publishing informative content can help attorneys leverage all digital channels ranging from websites and search engines to social networks. Blogs can be useful in creating a distinctive image of a professional and in improving a legal firm’s brand awareness. It is essential that attorneys instruct law firm web design companies hired by them to build their interfaces to add a blog section to their websites. Let’s see why blogging is an important marketing tool for law firms.

1. Updating Content Regularly Helps In SEO

One of the biggest reasons legal professionals must publish blogs is that it can boost their online visibility. Search engines prefer websites which regularly publish fresh content over interfaces which do not post frequently. Lawyers must make it a habit to upload fresh articles on relevant topics at regular intervals. Moreover, they must optimize all the write-ups with the keywords they are targeting. This will help their interface to feature prominently in related search results. They must create a content calendar and plan their posts. This calendar will contain all the topics that are going to be published on specific dates. This kind of planning will help them in updating the website on a regular basis.

2. Positions Attorney As A Thought Leader

Posting informative material is the best way to position yourself as a thought leader in your practice area. It does not matter whether you have a significant experience of many years or have just started independent practice. You can voice your opinion on various topics related to your domain. Lawyers must pick subjects which are relevant to their audiences. There is no point writing an in-depth article on an issue no one cares about. Research the kind of topics your audience is interested in and compose incisive write-ups on those subjects. This will be helpful in building your image as a knowledgeable entity in your field and attract more clients towards your agency.

3. Written Material Can Be Used On Social Media

Social media has become a vital aspect of law firm internet marketing. Attorneys are making efforts to build a strong presence on various social networks. They hope to use the channels to engage their audiences and improve their brand awareness. Instead of creating fresh posts to upload on social channels, law firms can use their blogs on social media. However, they must repurpose the content according to the nature of the channel it is being published on. For instance, you cannot post text-based content on Instagram which is a visual-based network. It will be pertinent to create an infographic on your write-up and post it on Instagram. Similarly, you can tweet a link to your post with a captivating headline. All these tactics will not only help in boosting your social media presence but also improve the traffic to your website.

4. Blogs Help Impress Potential Clients

Lawyers who do not blog are losing out on an excellent opportunity to impress prospective clients. People who search for law firms are actively looking for viable solutions. Such visitors are ripe for conversions and content can help you encourage them to take the desired action. Smart bloggers write what their audiences want to read. As mentioned before, you must post articles on subjects which most of your audience is searching for. Research and write incisive pieces without too many technical terms. This will help the people in easily understanding the content and they will be impressed by your knowledge. It can be a motivating factor which encourages them to get in touch with your agency.

5. Enables You To Compete With Stronger Rivals

Blogging enables you to compete with much stronger rivals on an equal footing. It does not matter if a competitor has a much better website and a bigger marketing budget. Publishing regularly will establish you as an authoritative voice in your domain who provides relevant solutions. This will boost the traffic to your interface and attract more clients to your agency. You can build a niche for yourself and your firm simply by posting informative content. This means that even with a smaller promotional budget you can increase your influence in your practice area.


It will be unintelligent not to include blogs in your law firm internet marketing plan. In case, you are unable to devote time to the activity, you can engage a marketing agency for lawyers which will hire professional writers to do the job.