At its heart, your wedding day is for you and your spouse. Both of you have a desire to make it a grand and unique one that can be unforgettable for you and your guests for years.

As you start planning everything for your Big Day, you take it easy because you think planning your wedding is an easy task. However, you get overwhelmed when you come across a lot of wedding ideas during your search and discussion about it with your family members and close one. Your marriage ceremony is not only for you and your true love but also for all the people you will invite or will be there. So, you need to be very careful in your planning and start it earlier to make the ceremony an awesome one. Here are a few wedding practical ideas for your help:

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Which Wedding Ideas To Make Your Ceremony Completely Amazing?

1. Use the Menu as Décor

It doesn’t matter for people to recall what they ate at a wedding of their relatives or close one after a few months. However, it matters for your guests what you are going to serve and how the meals are placed on your Big Day. Besides, you need to be sure about the quality of food so that the guests can get satisfied after having your wedding dinner.

You can make your menu as your wedding decor. First of all, finalize what you are going to serve on your wedding day. Talk to your family members and close friends to discuss it and have final decision. Be a little more creative and disclose the material instead of printing item names on your menu card and hang the same in or around your wedding venue. Suppose that you are going to serve Pizzaz, Fish, Wine, and Mutton. Display the images of food items or materials used in cooking in spite of printing item names. With this, you can make people aware of what is being served to them apart from decorating your marriage site. 

2. Curate a Beautiful Table for Guests

The right arrangements and decorations of tables and chairs for your wedding can turn these furniture items into a pivotal part of your wedding decor. Creating beautiful tables for your guests requires you invest a little bit of your valuable time. For the creation of attractive tableau, you need to focus on shape & arrangement, clothes & covers, lightening, sprinkles, and centrepieces.

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Opt for circular or oval tables instead of rectangular one as the previous one is more elegant for a marriage ceremony. Arrange all the tables in clusters to encourage mingling and conversation among people. You can select the U-shaped or something else for buffet.

When it comes to use clothes and covers in curating tables for a marriage ceremony, get the one matched with your wedding theme. As far as possible, avoid coloured clothes & covers and choose white one for tables at the venue. Using white clothes for tables and chairs gives a classic look to your marriage ceremony.

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For lightening, you can choose tea lights, candle centrepieces, twinkling lights around the table, and rope lights. In simple words, use the available resources and your creative mind to decorate tables for guests on your wedding.   

3. Get Showered with Flowers

Whether you are a bride or a groom, you want to celebrate with your inner circle and get rid of some of your pre-wedding or wedding stress. On the day or a day earlier, you can get showered with flowers. It depends on you how you want to get it done. You can hand over your favourite flowers to people at your wedding venue and request them to throw flowers on both of you as you tie the Knot on your Big Day. Some of you can hire a helicopter for flower showers on this day.

4. Set up a Chic Cocktail Bar

After the completion of the main ceremony, guests go to the cocktail bar because it is a famous spot at any wedding. To make your marriage ceremony awesome, you need to do something unconventional. You can set up a chic cocktail bar at the venue. For this, you can opt for any one of mirrored Bar, Palm Fronds, Circular Bar, Bold Bar, Rainbow Bar, and something else. DIY would also be a great option which requires you to be a little creative. First of all, know the favourite brands of the people you are going to invite and use wedding signs & labels to personalize wine bottles. Such a setup will make your guests identify to their favorite one and be happy.

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5. Seating Chart for a Wedding

At a wedding, seating arrangement is crucial, and a proper one makes your guests feel relaxed after finding an appropriate place for sitting at the venue. For make your marriage ceremony venue more comfortable for each one of your guests and family members, you can focus on the entrance and hang a seating chart, along with the welcome wedding sign. People will feel welcomed and relaxed after coming across the signs for direction on seating and allied thing at your wedding. With this, you too feel no hassle and enjoy your big day.   


Weddings are of different types and sizes. Whether you want to be conventional or off the beat, you can come across unlimited ideas to make your marriage ceremony a unique one. Apply your creative mind, use the available resources and keep the budget in mind while making it a grand one for you are your guests.