Phones can be classified as utility devices and you need to explore a way by which it works. Yes, you are right it will work but each of them have varied functions along with speeds not forgetting to ignore memory space. Now you could ask what is branding about. Branding is undertaken by Mara phone Rwanda limited whose phones operate under the name Mara.

Latest versions of Android one phone

As a user what you look in a phone dependability and functionality. Mara phone Rwanda offers you an option of purchasing their phones online. There are a new company situated in Africa supplying mobile phones all over the global market. A brand also exists in the market, but with a difference. They are Android one phone. This is a major difference as Google supports Android one. Google clearly specifies the parameters and conditions for the branding of the smart phone as an Android one smart phone. The moment you opt to purchase an Android brand one phone you are aware there is a high end phone at your end.

Notable features of Mara Android one phones

Mara phones are available in a couple of options- Mara Z and Mara X and their prices are $ 199 and $ 159 respectively. Memory space in the range of 32 GB and 16 GB follow with RAM space to the tune of 3 GB and 1 GB respectively. This Android one stems out to be a real version of Android OS and there are numerous benefits

  • In the next couple of years Google has committed of updating Android OS
  • From Google you gain access to the full suite of apps
  • No form of pre- installed apps are there that cannot be removed
  • The phone is expected to receive regular security updates
  • From Google Play protect in build security software is present

On purchase of an Android One phone there is no worry of updating it. There is no need to worry about the crashes and bugs as Google ensures that the software is functioning in an optimum manner.

Lack of bloatware

A notable feature of an OS is no third party software is installed. There is some type of phones without an Android OS chances are you might come across Facebook and Twitter being installed already and you cannot delete it from your phone. This is a kind of bloatware slowing down the operation of your phone. As far as Mara Z and Mara X is concerned there does not pose to be any worry at all. There is no bloatware as they have Google apps.  For this reason it is always beneficial to purchase a phone from a reputed company.

To wind it up a special facial identification feature is part of the phone. Unwanted usage of the phone is protected. On most budget phones the concept of facial recognition is not there. This provides an additional layer of security where anyone cannot use your phone without your permission.

Google is the brainchild behind the frequent updates.