If you have an online business, then to boost its profitability you must ensure that the website of your company is optimized with the latest SEO strategies.

A website is the front end of your business through which a potential customer can look for information about your company and its product and if any product attracts the customer then buy it online.

To improve the visibility of your website, it is essential that it features very high on any relevant search engine generated result.

Google regularly changes its algorithm to ensure that the users get the best possible results for any of their queries.

If you have an online business, then you must keep pace with the changes in the website ranking process so that your brand gets better visibility.

Implementing SEO strategies require extensive domain knowledge and if you are not technically adept to make changes in your website, then we suggest that you should hire SEO experts to do the job for you.

If you have basic knowledge about website design and coding, then you can follow the article given below and make the relevant changes yourself to ensure your website gets a higher ranking thereby increasing the profitability of your business.

As we have mentioned before, the latest markers used by the search engine algorithm are not fixed and are liable to change depending upon what Google thinks will ensure the best possible results for the viewers.

To cope with the frequent changes in Search engine algorithms, you should keep your knowledge updated so that your business website always gets higher visibility through improved ranking.

Learn How to boost your business with SEO in 2019:

1) Enhance your user experience:

If you want to improve the brand exposure of your business, then you should improve the user experience of your business website.

The UI and UX of your website play an important role in how high a website is ranked in any relevant search engine result.

To find out whether your website is user-friendly or not the search engine algorithm looks at how much time a visitor stays on in your website.

If the algorithm finds that users who clicks on your website link leave immediately after spending a very short time in your website, then you will find that your ranking will suffer adversely.

The design your website should be such that not only looks attractive but also designed in such a way that all the contents are easy to access.

2) Research on the use of keywords:

If you want your customers to easily find your business on the Internet then look at the use of keywords very closely.

Earlier, SEO experts used to look at keywords that were used frequently to search for some content.

Nowadays, this strategy has now undergone a radical change and experts now look at the way the viewer uses the search engine to look for content.

With the advent of voice search features in most mobile phones, SEO experts are looking at medium or long tail keywords that are conversation type.

In layman’s term, you need to use that kind of keywords which a viewer may ask through the voice search feature on their browser.

3) Optimize your titles and subtitles with relevant keywords:

Search engine algorithm gives the maximum weightage to the titles and subtitles that is vital for getting a higher ranking.

Many websites neglect this vital SEO strategy. If you want to fine-tune your SEO strategy, then using attractive titles with proper keywords is important.

To get a better chance of attracting traffic to your website, you must try to use multiple keywords in different subheadings that are relevant to the content.

The meta-descriptor is also very important to inform the viewer about what to expect from your website and therefore must contain proper keyword.

4) Improve navigation to your website:

To create a good brand image of your business, you must always focus on improving the experience of your customers who come to your website looking for some product or information.

To improve navigation on your website you can use clearly defined labels that will help your user to navigate to that part of your website which interest him/her.

Do not use too many elements on your landing page or it will look very cluttered. You can use a simple design with drop-down menus, which will help your customer to find out the section of his or her interest.

Additionally, when you are looking to improve the navigation on your website keep in mind the problems which a mobile phone user might face when he or she access your website.

If you keep all these factors in your mind, then you will find your customers are spending more time on your website which will, in turn, improve your ranking. And improved ranking leads to better sales.

5) Use video content to improve your ranking:

Google always looks at those websites that provide a great user experience more positively which in turn helps them in improving their rankings substantially. One of the best ways to improve the user’s experience is by posting relevant videos on the website.

It has been observed by experts that using multimedia content makes a website attractive as the viewers are also able to understand the content more clearly.

Use good quality video that is relevant to your website to showcase your product or services.

While posting videos, make sure that you use good keywords in the title of videos that will help the search engine algorithm to identify the content and give it more weightage.

6) Use interesting contents to improve the ranking of your website:

Content is one of the most important elements to build a brand or attract viewers.

Google algorithm regularly goes through your website to find out whether you have posted any content or not. Once it identifies a new content, then it looks for relevant keywords to figure out what the content is all about.

If you regularly post content on your website, then the search engine algorithm will give more weightage to your website which will improve its ranking.

Additionally, if you post good content on your website then your viewer will come back for more which will improve the traffic to your website resulting in more sales.

Make sure that your content length is more than 500 words so that Google can give it more weightage.

7) Use mobile first indexing to get a higher ranking for your website:

The term “mobile first” means that the mobile version of your website is your primary version and your desktop version is an extension of it.

Search engine algorithm since 2018 is giving more weightage to those websites that have indexed their website as mobile first.

If for any reason you have not indexed your website as mobile first, then the next best thing to do is make your website optimized for mobile phone viewing.

If your website is not easily accessible on a mobile screen than your website will get penalized and its ranking will also fall drastically.

The importance for mobile viewing of a website is due to the fact that the majority of people are using mobile phones to browse the Internet to look for some information relating to product or services.

8) Make your website faster to open:

If your website is slow to open, then it will affect the user experience adversely and increase the bounce rate.

The increased bounce rate will affect the ranking of your website resulting in erosion of brand value. Therefore, go through your website to see what are those factors that are making your website slow.

This could include high-resolution photos, slider plugin, a slower hosting server and many more. After you have identified the problems, the next part is to systematically resolve each of them to improve the speed of your website drastically.

Once the speed increases you will find that more people are staying for a longer duration in your website which in turn improves the ranking significantly.

9) Provide good quality links to authoritative sites:

If you provide links to websites that have good authority on the subject which is relevant to your website, then Google takes a that is a sign of good quality content in your website.

This will help you to get more weightage from the search engine algorithm resulting in your website getting a higher ranking. And higher ranking will drive more traffic to your website resulting in increased sales.

Some of the common websites that are considered of good authority by the search engine algorithm are websites of well-known news media channels and libraries.

10) Leverage social media to gain more traffic:

Social media are widely used by online digital marketing experts to reach out to a large audience.

If your business has social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others, then provide backlinks of these sites to your website.

This will not only help you to get more viewers from the social media sites but also gain more points from your search engine algorithm because they view any link to social media sites in a very positive light.

These are some of the broad points through which your online business will get a boost and help you improve your ROI.