What’s the first impression you get when you see an exquisite piece of wooden handicraft? Our instant reaction goes as WOW. Undeniably these beautiful pieces add a character to your living area but you too have to ensure that these masterpieces won’t lose their charm. By losing charm we mean, you don’t have to let them all covered with dust. These elegant pieces need proper cleaning and care if you want to have them brighten up your space for years.

By wooden handicrafts, we not only mean the beautiful statues or wooden wall hangings or any other decorative item, but it also constitutes of wooden furniture especially one which is carved. There is no doubt that carvings add more intricacy to this furniture but it also makes cleaning a tricky job. But you don’t have to worry as we have got it all covered.

Before going over the tips to clean or taking care of these Handicrafts, it is essential to know whether they are made of raw wood or are crafted with finished woods. Why it is important to know about it? The answer is both types of wood demands different methods of caring and cleaning. Therefore to ensure that the charm of your handicraft is all preserved, you have to know about the type of wood it is made of.

How to take care of wooden Handicrafts made of raw wood?
How to take care of wooden Handicrafts made of raw wood?

How to take care of wooden Handicrafts made of raw wood?

Before moving further with the caring tips of Indian Handicrafts made of raw wood, it is essential to know what raw wood is. Raw wood is simply the wood that doesn’t have any coating on it. Usually, woods are coated or layered to make them resistant against water and oil. Raw wood looks more untamed. Here are few ways in which you can take care of your wooden handicrafts made of raw wood so that their charms can entice for many more years to come:

1. Sanding is one of the many effective ways to preserve the wooden handicrafts flair. You can sand the wood surface of the handicraft piece. Make sure you sand it in the same direction as the wood fiber goes. When you are done with the sanding, you can use a brush to clean the wood surface.

2. Another thing you can do to ensure that it won’t fade away with time is to apply linseed oil. You can apply it with the help of a brush. Also after applying to leave it undisturbed for some time. You have to let the handicraft sit untouched so that timber or wood can soak in the oil.

3. You can use a clean cloth in order to flatten the remaining liquid on the wooden handicraft surface. You have to let the piece dry for a couple of hours.

4. You then have to repeat the latter two steps in order to ensure that the surface of these handcrafted pieces is closed perfectly and that there is no space for dust particle to enter. The second and the third steps are very crucial as they will help the wooden handicrafts against water and other impurities.

How to take care of wooden Handicrafts made of finished wood?

Now when you know what a raw wood is, it is much easier to understand the finished wood. It has the protective layer of polish or melamine which gives it a more fine and finished look.

Here is how you can take care of the handicrafts made of finished wood:

1. Always use a clean and dry cloth to clean wood handicrafts. Most of the time, we tend to use the clothes that we use in general dusting. But don’t go for that, instead use something more fresh and clean for cleaning the finished wood handicraft.

2. After cleaning the next step is to apply a coat of wax. You have to apply in as mentioned above; in the direction, the wood fiber goes. Although don’t rush in rubbing it, putting a lot of pressure. You have to perform this task very gently.

3. If your handicraft is embellished with the carvings that add more detail to it, you also need to very detailed about the cleaning of this elegant piece. First, you have to clean it let it dry for good 20-25 minutes. Then you can dilute the wax with the aid of turpentine oil or little gasoline. Later you can apply it with the help of the brush and let it dry then for a good 30 minutes.

Why it is important to clean the handicrafts regularly?

There are many reasons that can work in favor of cleaning your handicrafts on a regular basis. But the first one that will actually persuade is taking care of them from time to time helps them last longer. For something so exquisite, you don’t want to throw away in a few months.

Regular cleansing of wooden handicrafts also helps the wood against corrosion. Sometimes even they are attacked by various insects and regular cleansing ensures their longevity.

Cleaning these wooden handicrafts also helps the wooden Handicraft to preserve that rustic and untamed shine and luster of the wood. So if you don’t want that they lose all their charms after a few months, it is essential to clean them regularly.

This summons up our guide over how to take care of your wooden handicraft at home. You buy these exquisite pieces after giving it so much thought. Even the artisans indulged in building it put so many thoughts and their skills. They put their artistic skills and charms of this legacy that has been passed on from so many generations. And if you’re using them in your home decor, then it is necessary to take care of it so that your home feels fresher every day. If you haven’t already had a beautiful piece of Indian handicrafts already at your home, you can buy it online as well.