Trekking is one of the most adventurous activities where one must experience it. It is a test of stamina, dare, and bravery. At present, there are many trekking places available so it is quite complex for the trekkers to pick the best one. Looking for the best place to go trekking? If so then Saptarishi Kund is the right choice. It is the original source of the Yamuna River. It is located in the upper parts of Bandarpunchi Mountain. This trekking basically takes 2 or 3 days. Saptarishi Kund trek is 10 km from the Yamunotri Temple. It is a source of River Yamuna. Yamunotri is one of the four spiritual and holy checkpoints of Char Dham Yatra. Overall the Saptarishi Kund Trek is one of the ideal and best trekking near Yamunotri.

More about Saptarishi Kund Trek:

Saptarishi Trek is well known for its flowery meadows, lofty Rocky Mountains, and glacier peaks. It is located in the Himalayan Mountain. It is one of the most difficult treks when compared to others. It is 10 km far away from the Yamunotri temple. The kund is an innovative source of the Yamuna River. Saptarishi Kund is perfect for trekking near Yamunotri. Every year more trekkers use to visit this place in order to enjoy trek activity and get a unique experience. On the way of trekking, one can meet many foreign birds and glaciers.

Its water is dark blue in color and there is naturally created slate stones. In ancient times, it is believed that the seven great rishis performed at Saptarishi Lake. It has amidst wonderful and charming surroundings. The Saptarishi Kund Trek is considered to be complex trekking journey in the Himalayas. The pathway is fully covered with ice so it is a difficult trip. If you need to enjoy this trek without any hassle then you need a guide in order to complete the trek successfully.

This trek basically starts from the Yamunotri Temple. The entire trek passes through the Rocky Mountains and forests landscape. Trekkers can able to see hill around 5 km where there is a little camp amid two streams. Those who wish to stay there can pitch a tent for a night. From the site, there is a steep walk to the kund which is very dangerous due to heavy winds. Overall this trekking is known as a natural source where you can find high quality and precious gemstone.

Route of Saptarishi Kund Trek

The trekkers who need to get high trekking journey then Saptarishi Kund Trek is the right choice. It is ideal trekking near Yamunotri. The entire trek is divided into many extends. It starts at 13 km from Yamunotri which probably takes 4 to 6 hours to complete. Yamunotri is the source of the terrifying river Yamuna. It is well known and famous for its glaciers and springs. Trekking in this route is a beautiful & unique experience who trekkers can able to view numerous exotic birds, glaciers as well as environment. One can enjoy a pleasant climate during the trekking.