All the employers are obliged to keep a record of the time spent by the staff while working. The employees are assigned their working hours and days as a part of their attendance policy. But the person can come late to work, leave early, stay absent, take emergency leaves, and this leaves management with the labor deficit on a constant basis, which leads to shortfalls in goal achievement. Ultimately, the absence of proper attendance management makes work suffer, and that is a severe problem across the industries irrespective of the field they operate in. Thus, the use of a dedicated HR Software with integrated Attendance Management System is the best strategy, and this article reveals the reasons behind the simplified time keeping achieved by using modern technologies. We will consider the cloud-based HR Solutions as they are widely accepted and far better than the legacy software even on cost-effectiveness.

Accessibility and Integration of Cloud Systems:

The employees can mark their attendance from the cyber-physical systems such as Biometric machines, NFC, etc. which shall mark the attendance and upload the data as per the administrator settings. This information is synchronized to the cloud server either on regular intervals or on a real-time basis. The attendance is integrated with Payroll Processing module as working hours are the necessary pay components of the salary. The advanced solutions also offer the use of ESS Portals and Geofencing technologies which help employees record punch-in and punch-out timings virtually through their mobile devices. They are incredibly beneficial to the firms engaged in the consultancy business or those having traveling employees. This is because timekeeping with manual correspondence is redundant and time-consuming. The cloud-based HR solutions allow marking attendance without any time, device, or location restriction to make management easy and lucid.

Extensive Configuration:

The HR Software can be configured to accommodate various attendance policies without compromising at any level. The administrator can allocate an employee with a particular shift to work in or assign rotating shifts as per their work profile, cadre, base location, working location, workload, department, and roles in sister concerns. The HR Software records the presence data which can be sourced from any of the above-mentioned devices and multiple locations with all employee types without causing any error. This makes dedicated HR solutions reliable and efficient in managing workforce attendance without costing heavily to the business. They can also accommodate the casual labor and consultants so that the company gets an end to end solution for all types of work made by individuals irrespective of being employees or consultants.  

Compliance and Reporting:

The attendance data is required by the statutory compliance filings. There is no scope of submitting inaccurate data as the businesses can invite legal prosecution and even penalization if they provide faulty compliance reports. An HR Software shall record the data and process it seamlessly without missing on any detail. They are also secured with encryption, which makes the employer confident about proper adherence to the laws. Moreover, the management also requires access to this data to track down the frequent latecomers, early leaving staff, absenteeism, etc. They can address these issues to fight the constant struggle with pending work as the absence of an employee needs either transferring it to another one or hiring casual labor in some cases. These reports regarding the employee presence are also crucial for allocation of leaves and transfer of the workload to help businesses operate at optimum levels. The use of these reports is also about finding loopholes in the existing policies and in building new policies. Also, the management can pre-plan the workflow distribution as the ESS Portals make it necessary for the staff to apply before a specific number of days while applying for the leaves. The HR Software also accommodates the complete attendance policy along with the encashable leaves, casual, festivals, etc.

Thus, if you are willing to automate the entire process of capturing and processing attendance data with cost-effectiveness, the cloud-based solutions also offer to mark attendance and applying leaves from remote locations which is one of the most critical demands of the contemporary business environment. As the freelancing and gig economy is on the rise, the use of dedicated HR Tech is very beneficial to the companies. Timekeeping is simplified, made efficient to enhance the overall productivity of the organization. Moreover, the attendance frauds such as buddy punching, proxy attendance, time theft, etc. can be cured successfully. The main advantage of using an HR Software with attendance management system is that you need not manage two different systems and the integration makes it more easy for the system to process Payroll which is a great functionality.