From finest food to amazing shopping; Budapest is the capital that never disappoints its tourists in any way. The city is home to numerous cultures, traditions, languages and people, making it more interesting to visit it. Budapest is best known for its shopping and food so if you are in Budapest and looking for where to eat and what to shop then this article will aid you to organize your trip and eat gusto and shop more.


Muzeum Café and Restaurant:

An old café; Muzeum Café and Restaurant was opened in 1885 in the downtown of Pest. For the past 135 years, the café has kept its legacy and keep on providing the best food in the town. Tourists love to visit this restaurant because here high- quality Hungarian food is served in lavish environment. The restaurant has visited by many of the famous people including actors, sportsman, politicians and writers because of its amazing and gusto delicacies. The best part about eating here is that you will find flavors that you never had tasted before because the restaurant amalgamates the pure Hungarian savors with international one, served with wine and brandy; a perfect way to spend your day in Budapest.


Onyx is a restaurant that introduces you with luxury and foreign food while being in Budapest with cheap flights from UK. Top chefs from France and Germany are here to cook for you and you will eat in an executive surrounding. The staff is friendly and well- trained that makes you to feel like home. If you want to eat the best Hungarian and International cuisine then this place is just right for you.

Szimpla Kert:

Want a twist in your eating? Szimpla Kert will do the job. The venue of Szimpla Kert is referred as the first known ‘ruin pubs’. It is named so because this place follows a procedure to alter dilapidated and ruined buildings into culinary venues and cultural delights. Szimpla Kert is not only home to gusto food and extravagant meals but it houses a large open-air cinema along with a pub. Visitors can also be the part of a popular film animation festival called Anilogue while enjoying best food.

Megyeri Csarda Tavern:

A pleasant memory form the past; Megyeri Csarda is situated in the area pertaining to the Roman times. The restaurant carries an affluent history. Tourists can enjoy traditional Hungarian dishes with wide collection of seafood, meat and pickle dishes. While visitors are eating, they are provided with traditional music and folk dancing to enjoy their meals more than before.

Gelarto Rosa:

If you are a sweet tooth then this place is very right to be at. Gelarto Rosa is known in all of the Budapest because of its sweet dishes and stunning serving. Best known for ice cream in the capital city; the recipes you will see here belongs to Italy. Tourists can enjoy coffee, cookies, macaroons, cupcakes, cakes, tarts, teas, shakes and many of other sweet things along with ice creams.

Alexandra Book café:

If you are going to visit this café, way before than eating you will be splendid by its enthralling architecture and paintings. Alexandra Book café bestows a variety of tasty light meals and snacks including cheese platters, bagels, Francia Kreme and beverages. A best place to stop at, if you are craving for something delicious but light!

Markets and Shopping

Great Market Hall:

Those who wish to shop a lot and eat along the way will find this place a perfect spot for shopping. Also known as the Central Market Hall, Great Market Hall was constructed in 1897 and from that time until now, has been serving millions of shoppers every year.

Feny Street Market:

Located at the Buda side of the city, Feny Street Market is one of the largest shopping areas in Budapest. The market is always echoed with noises of buyers and this hustle bustle makes tourists to visit this market during their Budapest tour. Clothes, shoes, makeup, flowers, fruits, meat, vegetable and a lot more can be found in Feny Street Market.

Hunyadi Square Market:

This market is a small neighborhood where you will find shopkeepers selling daily routine products. There are more stalls than shops and on these stalls items like bakery goods, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and more is sold. Hunyadi Square Market is best for regular items where you can enjoy the beautiful location of the market as well.

Vegan Sunday Market:

Almost every city in the world has Sunday Market but that of Budapest is different yet amazing. The market is held on Budapest’s one of the most famous ruin pubs. The market (as the name is suggesting) is opened for public on vey Sunday throughout the year. Like the Hunyadi Square Market, you will find many regular products to buy from the Sunday Market including food, beverages and beauty products. There are also cooking workshops and discussions proposed by the market so if you are interested in ne, go and grab!

Lehel Market:

Located in the 13th district of Budapest, Lehel Market is a must because of its eccentric architecture and exciting design. Hungarian food, sausages, wines and products like cheese, milk, fruits and vegetable are specialties of the market.

Hold Utca Food Market:

Hungarians love their traditional cuisine and that is the reason you will find a lot of food courts, restaurants and markets dedicated to food only; one being the Hold Utca Food Market. The market is located in the downtown of Budapest and is comparatively small than the other markets with such notoriety. You will find farm fresh products in Utca market. You can also find street food stalls lining in the gallery, selling the best Hungarian dishes upstairs.

Szimpla Farmers’ Market:

A market in the Szimpla Kert, Szimpla Farmer’s Market is a place worth to a tour. From pastries wetted in cream to the reddest paprika and coffee; you will find every food item that you wanted to eat or drink in Szimpla Market.