Leesburg is known for its calm nature and friendly people. If you are in the times of your post-retirement, then this place must be your best choice. There are 55 plus communities in Leesburg, Fl which take care of people after retirement. You don’t need to grab a home and pay all the government taxes, just contact with a community home and get the experience of the peaceful life of the city. Today we are here with the list of amazing things which a person can do at this age in the city.

Play Golf

The city has amazing golf courses which can let you play golf as much as you can. The rent of these golf courses is very less as compared to other cities. Unlike other cities, the weather of Leesburg is very pleasant; this allows you to play golf every day of the year. Also, it can help you to make new friends all over who share the same interests as you,

City parks

There are so many parks in the city, and our recommendation is Lake Griffin State Park”. This park is so amazing because it has long ways covered with the tress on both the sides of the roads. The park is not like other parks. This park is situated on the shores of the lake with mean at specific points of the park you can see the lake banks and also spend plenty of time while sitting on these banks. You can also do fishing if you know how to do it.

Visit Tractor Museum

Yes, there is a tractor museum named as “Paquette Historical Farmwall Tractor Museum” which is situated at the centre of the city. This museum preserved all the tractors of history; we can also call them vintage tractors. This place is very much attractive among ex-farmers.


If you know to farm and you want to continue your talent as a hobby, then this city welcomes you with open arms. Yes, there are so many opportunities for people who love farming to acquire their lands or small lands to grow crops, vegetables, fruits and many more. You can also work on someone’s farm or guide farmers in farming skills. People these days also opening farming schools to educate farmers in different farming skills. And if this is your forte, you will go to love this.

Nature Parks

Nature parks are the beauty of most of the cities so as Leesburg. Nature parks are for those people who love birds, animals, trees, etc. There is a nature park named as Burley Historic Nature Park in Leesburg which will definitely grab the attention of nature Lovers. And you can spend as much as time you can in this park nobody will ask you to leave before sunset.

Public Libraries

If all the above things are out of your interest and you want to spend times with books, then Leesburg has a Public library for you. Most people love to read, especially after retirement. Some people love reading, but due to responsibilities of life, they won’t get time to read. This place is especially for them. You can read a book in the library without any interruptions.


To grab a retirement community is not a big deal in Leesburg. You may find more than one from 55 communities in Leesburg, FL. And the city has great things to do for people who live in community homes. They can live their lives the way they want and do whatever they want. Don’t wait and explore the city today.